Cornerstone Development Celebrates Record Year in 2020!

Cornerstone Development Celebrates Record Year in 2020!

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As we get deeper into fall and gear up for winter, I wanted to take a step back to reflect on what kind of year 2020 has been.  Yes, COVID-19 and the shutdowns, civil unrest and a contentious election season have put us all on edge at one time or another. But I’d still like to focus here on the many blessings that we have in this country and, from a business standpoint, what a good year it has been for Cornerstone Development in particular.

In fact, I would tell you that it’s been beyond good. It’s a record-breaking year for us, believe it or not! Part of it is that we have some people who want to move out of the city of Milwaukee to take advantage of the kinds of homes and neighborhoods that Cornerstone has to offer. We will end up closing right around 75 homes this year and we’re still selling like crazy. We have sales in house that are 20 percent ahead of 2019.

I think Cornerstone is well positioned demographically. We have very nice neighborhoods in great places like Brookfield, Cedarburg and Waukesha. These are places that people want to live in and there are lots of people who are looking for a change in where they are living now and want to discover all that we have to offer.

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Let’s start with The Glen at Woodside Creek in Brookfield.  My goodness! In the end here are going to be 76 homes in this neighborhood and we are already past halfway sold out. Meanwhile, at The Glen at Cedar Creek, we only have four homes left for purchase out of 69. So we are wrapping things up in Cedarburg, but there are still some really nice locations, so if you are thinking about that area you really should come out sooner than later to see all that’s still available. We are very excited about both of these neighborhoods and how they are turning out.

Exciting New Additions: Fox Hollow & Stella Doro

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The Homes at Fox Hollow are located near the intersection of North Avenue and Springdale Road in western Brookfield.  We are building five additional condominium homes for what will be a total of 10 condominiums. So somebody who doesn’t want to live in eastern Brookfield and would prefer western Brookfield, which is closer to Lake Country, will have an opportunity to choose from finenew homes in this beautiful area. These homes are priced in the low $400,000s.

The bigger news overall for Cornerstone Development is with Stella Doro Acres in Waukesha. These new single family homes are located on Big Bend Road south of Sunset Drive. We’re starting to build our first stand-alone single-family homes and we can now build homes on lots that our home buyers already own.

We are very excited about these new homes because in the past, we have had lots of requests for us to build in this fashion and we weren’t able to accommodate. Now we can!  Stella Doro Acres will be open in December. We will have a model there that people will be able to tour and get a great feel for what these new homes will have to offer.

Already Own the Land? Let Us Build Your New Home!

Now that we can build our homes on land you may already own, I’ve been asked how far Cornerstone’s reach is to build stand-alone homes.  We can build homes in what can reasonably be considered to be the metro Milwaukee area. So if someone were to ask if we could build their home in Port Washington the answer would be yes. Can you build one in Richfield? Yes. Oconomowoc? Yes. How about out in Wales? Sure. So kind of the outer ring of suburban Milwaukee would be our geographic zone.

The ability to build these new stand-alone homes is very exciting to all of us at Cornerstone Development, because it gives us yet another quill to dip into the process of creating these great ranch-style floorplans. So why not take these creative plans and drop them into the single-family home setting? We’ve already built them in Cedarburg and here in Sussex and they have sold like crazy. It’s such a natural extension for what we do that we saw it as a no-brainer, and that’s why we brought Joe Orendorf into our company. He has such great experience in single-family home building.

Looking Ahead

So what lies ahead for the balance of 2020?  Touching on the COVID-19 situation for just a moment, our touring traffic has not been quite as robust as it has been in previous weeks, but those coming out for home tours seem to be more serious in their home search. If COVID-19 is keeping some people back those folks are still checking us out virtually anyway. Then, when they do come in, they have an extra set of knowledge because they have already “walked through” the house, just not physically. That has been really working well for us because our customers are so knowledgeable from the start and they know what they are looking for. They’re doing their homework at home and they’re following through and buying.

The fall weather has been fairly decent with beautiful, crisp days, so it’s a good time to get out and take a home tour. Most people already have most of their own yard work done and are ready for the snow we all know will eventually be coming. It’s a good time to see what Cornerstone Development has to offer in person.

Oh – and speaking of snow?  Remember: when you buy your condominium home from Cornerstone, you can put your snow shovel away!  We take care of the snow so you can enjoy your new lifestyle to the fullest. That’s just another of the many reasons we love doing what we do!

So check us out at, use the CHAT feature with your advanced questions and then schedule your own personal tour. We look forward to seeing you soon!