Buzz Continues at The Glen at Cedar Creek in Cedarburg!

Buzz Continues at The Glen at Cedar Creek in Cedarburg!

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Whenever I think about The Glen at Cedar Creek in Cedarburg I wear a nice big smile!  We are doing phenomenally well with this single-family home neighborhood and we’re putting touches on the landscaping that you always hope to get to as fast as you can. It has that ‘get set and into place’, the beautification of the whole neighborhood that just jumps! It’s so phenomenal to see that and that’s what I mean that things are going so well right now.

In terms of sales, they are also doing very well. We have just 10 homes left for purchase and have sold 5 in the last 2 weeks!!  We still have some super locations available, as well. It’s all very exciting to see as people start to live there and how much they enjoy the whole area. They’re thrilled to be living there.

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I encourage folks who are considering The Glen at Cedar Creek, people who want a nice neighborhood with people who care and there’s plenty of opportunity to do things -without having to do the things that are a hassle like landscaping, cutting the grass or removing snow – I encourage you to check us out — soon.

What the Home Owners Are Saying

When people ask me about what kind of feedback I am getting from those who have chosen to live at The Glen at Cedar Creek, I like to use the example of one lady who was at closing and had lost her husband. She starts crying at the closing because she was so happy and so thrilled with how her home turned out, how nice all of our people have been for her as well as her new neighbors. I reflect on that moment periodically and I share that with our team often so that everyone has a perspective on why we do what we do.


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Home Sites Along the Creek

When people get to actually see the home sites that are situated near the creek, they are truly taken aback by how beautiful it is. Sales in this part of the neighborhood have been going very well but we do have a few spots back there available for purchase. Not many but if somebody wants to get in near the creek they can if they get in soon. It’s an extension into an area that’s a really rare find in the Milwaukee area so it’s fun to sell.

Another thing that people really love about The Glen at Cedar Creek is that you’re less than a mile from downtown Cedarburg. It’s a short walk or bike ride right down to Washington Avenue which features so many pleasant shops and so much charm. I heard from one couple who rode their bikes in for a cup of coffee, went over to see an afternoon movie at the cooperative theatre where it’s run by volunteers. The couple had their $3 movie with a $1 popcorn and a $1 soda and then rode their bikes home. I thought that was just a really cool vision.

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Franklin Update

Meanwhile, at The Glen at Park Circle in Franklin, we have only our 3 model homes left for sale. These three are quick close homes and some people really like buying a model home because… it’s turnkey! You know our decorators took their time to get it right and you know what you’re going to get.

All of these beautiful homes are available for under $400,000, so they are truly a great value. I encourage people to come down to tour for themselves soon to see what’s available in Franklin.

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Brookfield Update

In Brookfield at The Glen at Woodside Creek, we have a gorgeous model available for tours and we’ve already sold more than 30 homes, almost at the halfway mark. In the end there will be 76 homes here and the Clubhouse will open this fall, hopefully in late October or early November.

So that window of opportunity is wide open and very welcoming.  Again, The Glen at Woodside Creek is situated in a beautiful natural setting on Lisbon Road just east of Lilly Road. While this neighborhood is being built amidst a nice, serene wooded backdrop, what so many people find appealing is its proximity to everything you could want in the Milwaukee area. It feels like you’re in the country and with all of the hustle and bustle of life today, it’s something that people truly appreciate.

Keeping You Safe

While we are offering in-person model home tours in all of our neighborhoods every Thursday through Monday (10 a.m. – 5pm weekdays and Noon to 5pm Saturdays and Sundays), we are ever mindful that the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet over. Therefore we are doing everything we can to make sure that your personal safety comes first. We are doing the best we can as we see others do.

We absolutely have to respect the situation but we don’t let the frustrations get to us anymore. We’d rather embrace it, take it on and do it smart and do what makes sense right now. We do everything in our power to keep people safe while still respecting the idea that folks may want to see a new home and purchase the home going through the process in a way that does respect our current situation.

So we’re pleased with our team and our approach, and we’re getting it done!  We’ve got beautiful homes that are being completed every day and are done so in a way that I think people will really appreciate.

I received a little survey recently that talked about how much our buyers appreciate the process. For example, we have a daughter and mother buying one of ours. The daughter is in a wheelchair, and they just told me how this is the third new home that they’ve purchased and they’ve never seen such a smooth operation. Their previous two experiences had them really skeptical for this one and they just love it.  They were basically in tears as they were doing their final home orientation. We are really excited when we hear feedback like this.

One final note. If you are in any way concerned about taking an in-person model home tour we can handle everything from as far a distance as you want. We offer virtual tours, so you can see from the privacy of your own home, a total presentation of everything we have that can be bridged that easily. We’re virtual with ZOOM so we really don’t have to physically get together and we can still make your tour happen.

So give us a call today at (262) 932-4188 or visit us at where you can also contact us through the CHAT feature. We look forward to hearing from you soon!