Cornerstone Presents Free Outdoor ‘Flash Luncheon Concert’ April 18 in Cedarburg!

Cornerstone Presents Free Outdoor ‘Flash Luncheon Concert’ April 18 in Cedarburg!

April 16, 2020



As the entire country and the world continue to grapple with the Covid-19 outbreak and people are anxious for some sort of relief from all of the social restrictions, and as Wisconsin looks toward an extended month of such isolationism, Cornerstone Development of S.E. Wisconsin will provide an entertaining and fun event to do just that very thing. Cornerstone will present a ‘Flash Luncheon Concert’ this Saturday April 18th from 11:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. for Cornerstone homeowners living at The Glen at Cedar Creek, W59 N1156 James Circle, just north of downtown Cedarburg.

The music will be provided by a very popular local band, Sam Guyton and Friends, who’ve performed at Summerfest, and numerous other venues. In addition, there will be food and drink available for the home owner concert listeners to enjoy, again all at safe distances from the comfort and convenience of their own homes.

“The main reason we are offering this free Flash Luncheon Concert is that we’re all pretty burned out from the Coronavirus lockdown and so much discouraging news night after night,” said John Wahlen, owner of Cornerstone Development of S.E. Wisconsin. “Here’s a chance to provide live entertainment to people in their homes. They can go out to their back deck, their back patio or their back lawn and safely watch a fun show right on campus, if you will, right in the neighborhood. We thought it would be delightful because the weather is forecast to be very nice and sunny on Saturday. We want to take advantage of that and see if we can provide a short-term bit of relief from all of the trouble and disconcerting situations that we are in right now.”

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The band will be set up behind the Clubhouse at The Glen at Cedar Creek, a short distance away from the swimming pool, to project the music to the homes that ring the pond around the neighborhood, and to the greatest number of homes.

“Anybody else who’s in the neighborhood can just bring a lawn chair from a safe distance and enjoy the show,” Wahlen added. “I came up with this idea having watched the nightly news every night and seeing interesting and fun things going on in Italy where people live in close proximity and they go out on their balconies and they enjoy music, sing popular songs and have camaraderie from afar. I just felt that everybody deserves a chance to have something like that in this neighborhood. I would think other businesses would be looking to do things like this as long as they are safe and in compliance with Governor Evers’ safety order. I would certainly hope so. I think this is going to be a real success.”

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