Readers’ Mailbox: What Our Customers Are Saying About Cornerstone Development

Readers’ Mailbox: What Our Customers Are Saying About Cornerstone Development

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It’s been really exciting to hear the many comments we’ve been receiving from our Cornerstone Development home buyers!  We’ve been contacting many of them and saying, ‘OK, here are 20 questions. Score us and tell us how we did.’

I’m very proud of my team because the scores are coming back very high. Not only are they complimenting management, they have had some incredibly nice things to say about each and every member of our team, from the sales staff to members of the construction and maintenance crews, and all points in between.

The personal touch at every level is what is most important to us. So whether they meet with Nadine or Rebecca for options or John, Chris or Irv in construction, we want them to know that we care about personal attention. We’re creating their new home for them.

Let’s dip into our mailbag and see what our customers are telling us:

“I like the openness of it and the easy flow of the design and I’m just so happy to have gotten so many compliments on the home,” Gloria Hoss says with more than a hint of pride. “It’s just so easy and so cozy. The kitchen and the dining area in the kitchen is absolutely beautiful. It’s got the three windows that are very light and bright. In fact, this home the way it’s situated here has the morning and afternoon sun and it is absolutely beautiful. The house was absolutely beautiful when I walked in here for the very last walk-through and the quality couldn’t be beat.

“Talk about hassle-free! I had never realized that a home build would be this easy,” Hoss explained. “It’s easy to see that the entire staff is proud of the quality and workmanship of these homes and very open to suggestions as well. I have discovered that for a company such as Cornerstone I couldn’t have picked a better one. I have found that John Wahlen is not only easy to work with but very easily accessible when I need him and I honestly believe that he is dedicated to making sure that I had the best new home build experience of my life.  – Gloria Hoss,  The Woodlands of Greenfield

“We just love it. It’s just wonderful. Everything is new. We picked it all out so it’s our style. Every day is a new day and we’re creating our new memories in this home. I cook, read and we’re just enjoying every day that we can in this home. When you have an older home you do have responsibilities to keep it up with more cleaning and sorting things out. You’re doing those kinds of things every single day but here it’s all done! It’s maintenance-free. No mowing the lawn or worrying about the snow.”          

 Rick & Mary Lee Calvelli,  The Glen at Cedar Creek

“It’s all on one level and we like the ease of getting to different places with the central living area, the living room and the sun room. We love the clubhouse and we also like the neighbors. The Glen of Greenfield offers us a real feeling of community. Looking around the house, we love all of the windows and how nice and bright it is in here. 

“We love the flow from the sun room and the living room to the outside patio works so well and it’s the right size for us. We have four kids all grown now and the extra bedroom is enough.  The den, which we have created into an office, is the perfect setting for me to do some part-time work. I’ve loved our new home from the first day we moved in.”

Marty & Sue King, The Glen of Greenfield

“Everything flows and it’s all on one level so there’s a lot of space to be walking in but it’s amazing to me how little effort there is in day-to-day living. I love to bake so I can stand in my kitchen and when both of my ponds are full I think I live on a lake, in my mind. I love to read and this room with the light I could sit in here for hours and watch the days go by. Cornerstone’s quality is outstanding and they stand by what they say. They’re accountable and the thing that really blew me over was that it’s not just the Cornerstone people, it’s the people they contract. Everyone who’s walked into this home has gone above and beyond for me at every step of the way.”

Carol Stephens, The Glen of Oconomowoc

“Cornerstone was just so easy to work with and the quality of the features in our home is just superb. It’s very homey and open. I love the fact that access to every room is easy. The process of building this home couldn’t have been any smoother. We have built seven homes so we know a lot about building. They have been very helpful in every way possible and there were no problems.

“Living in this new home is like being on vacation. We’ve stayed in many resorts before and The Glen at Cedar Creek has pretty much the same amenities with a swimming pool. I use the clubhouse a lot including the weight room. I love walking around the neighborhood circle and it’s just a nice neighborhood.

Rich & Bernice Riedeman, The Glen at Cedar Creek

“Everything has gone very smoothly. Chris, our expeditor, has been outstanding and this home has so many features that we really love. I really like high quality of the woodwork and the flooring. We lived in a two-story home for 36 years and now everything in this home is on the first floor. “There are no stairs and we really like that, especially at our age. The house has an open concept, airy with lots of windows allowing us to see the trees. The sun room is basically a beautiful place to sit or work because we’re right in the woods surrounded by beautiful trees. We put our computer in there because it’s a good place to think or relax. Some people use this area as a dining room but we chose to use it as an office.”

Ron & Kathleen Samolinski, The Glen of Greenfield

We’d like to thank each and every one of these customers for sharing their comments with us. Online, we’ve been seeing our CHAT volume go way up and visitors to our models are way up. Suddenly, it just kicked in.  January was kind of so-so for us due to the weather, but February has been just crazy busy. In The Woodlands of Greenfield alone we’ve sold five homes already and have more reserved. We also have sales coming in at The Glen at Cedar Creek in Cedarburg and at The Villas at Maplewood Terrace in Sussex.

Clearly, the bell curve is starting to head north and we’re going to see a very busy spring. If people really want to get out in front of the large buying crowd I would encourage everyone to come on out and see us as soon as they can.  You can also get more information on our website, where you can also CHAT with us, or you can call our sales team at (414) 861-2241.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!