What Ranch-Style Condo Home Buyers Really Need to Know 7.19.16

What Ranch-Style Condo Home Buyers Really Need to Know 7.19.16

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For many of us, it was the soundtrack of our youthful summers. The velvety voice of the late, great Nat King Cole singing, “Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer!”

The 2016 summer season continues to roll along and we at Cornerstone Development couldn’t be more pleased with the way our ranch-style condominium communities at The Glen of Oconomowoc and The Glen of Mukwonago are growing!  So, I’d like to give you a brief progress report on these as well as several others.

In Oconomowoc and Muskego, we’ve been seeing really solid traffic all summer. Lots of people are selling their places and they need new homes. In Oconomowoc, we have 35 of the 48 homes already sold while in Mukwonago we have 31 of the 40 homes sold. The Glen of Oconomowoc is likely the fastest condominium community in the state of Wisconsin which is pretty amazing when you consider that it just opened last September. Meanwhile, The Glen of Mukwonago is well ahead of the average sales pace.

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Incidentally, at The Glen of Oconomowoc we recently had a very successful Hawaiian luau celebration for about 40-50 our neighbors who live there as well as a group of potential new buyers in the community.  It was a great opportunity for all of these people to get to know each other and to get a firsthand look at what our concept of ranch-style condominium living is really all about.

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This was an afternoon of BIG fun complete with outstanding tropical weather, great music from a steel drum and xylophone duo and delicious catered food from Saz’s. Perhaps the best thing about the whole day was that people got a chance to get to know each other a little better and to meet some potential new neighbors.

Isn’t that what “neighborhood” is really all about?

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It was just a great day and as the evening wound down, I found myself sitting at the edge of the pool and just chatting with about 10 of the neighbors. It was exactly what we were hoping for when we scheduled this event.

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Meanwhile, we have already poured the foundation for the clubhouse at The Glen of Greenfield and will soon get started on our first model home. We have already sold eight homes in this neighborhood and are very close to selling two more. It’s a great jump start for a community that will feature only 26 homes.

At The Glen at Cedar Creek in Cedarburg, we’ve made incredible advances on the infrastructure and we hope to begin on the clubhouse there next month. Meanwhile, we’re still finalizing the engineering on our second neighborhood in Brookfield.

In another development, we have presented conceptually and have been well-received to start a new neighborhood in Muskego. We’ve met with the mayor, a couple of the aldermen and have gone before the Muskego Planning Commission and were roundly well-received there. This neighborhood will feature 34 homes with a clubhouse right off Woods Road at Kurtze Lane.

So, as you can see, to say that this summer has been busy and exciting would be the understatement of the year!

I think there are several reasons for our condo community success stories. First, I think people really like our locations. An excellent location is an absolute must. They also appreciate the features offered in our clubhouses and they can see the true quality that we build into each of our homes. I am reminded of a few things that condominium buyers in these or any other condominium neighborhood really should consider:

The thing that anybody buying real estate has to have their eyes open to is the location. Make sure that wherever you are looking for that ranch-style condominium that it has a good location. You want conveniences and you want a comfortable, safe setting.

Is it a ranch?
Make sure it is truly a ranch-style condo. I’ve actually seen people advertise “ranch-style condominiums” and the product they’re selling is stacked. I saw one that was a four-story building and the seller told me, “But you’re only going to live on one level and it’s ranch-style.” Seriously? I think that gets away from the whole idea. Being able to avoid stairs is a big key as is being able to pull into an attached garage.

Is it usable?
In today’s day and age, architects are able to create open, airy and very usable space. If the homes you are looking at don’t strike you as being usable and if that becomes a thought provoking issue, meaning there are lots of hallways and it’s just not convenient- looking, it’s probably not going to be the home for you.

Make sure at least one entry is flush
Generally, it’s more convenient if this entry is in the garage. That’s how we like to do it and sometimes we will go flush with the front door. Make sure that you don’t have step-ups because even though it might seem like it’s not much to go up a couple of steps, as we advance in age it could become a factor.

Have key elements on the main level
I’m talking about things like the laundry room with the washer and dryer. We always put the laundry room on the main level and, of course, the kitchen and the bedrooms are as well. I’ve seen some ranch-style condos where they put the laundry room in the basement and the advantages of ranch-style living get lost in a hurry.

So, in closing, please continue to have yourself a great summer and, if you have any questions or comments, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

John Wahlen
Principal  & Owner
Cornerstone Development of S.E. Wisconsin