At Cornerstone Development we take real pride in putting our home buyers first. Here are some examples of what they are saying about us:

When Brad and Jane Bratz discovered the condominium home communities of Cornerstone Development, their timing couldn’t have been better.  Living in a two-story home in New Berlin, they were getting tired of all the back-and-forth on the staircase. They were ready for a more simplified life.

That’s when a newspaper ad caught their eye.

“I found Cornerstone when we saw an ad in the paper and we went out to their Mukwonago community (The Glen of Mukwonago),” Brad Bratz recalled. “We enjoyed everything they had out there and it was ranch-style which was what we were looking for. We liked it and we met (Cornerstone sales representative) Vicki (McCormick) and she was fantastic!

“We really didn’t want to move out to Mukwonago as we lived in New Berlin less than a mile from where we are now. She (Vicki) had mentioned that they were doing a development near our neighborhood and my wife and I decided to come down and see what they have.”

When Brad and Jane made their first visit to The Woodlands of Greenfield they were easily able to see what their future home would have to offer

“My first impression of The Woodlands of Greenfield was a blank space and that changed rather rapidly after we made the decision to go for it based on what we saw in the Mukwonago model, which was fantastic,” said Jane Bratz. “When the model opened, we saw what our home (which is identical) was going to look like and we couldn’t have been more thrilled. There are so many amenities in here as far as selection of flooring, carpeting and those types of things that you couldn’t ask for a better place to live and you couldn’t ask for better people to work with.

“The way they have this structured as far as putting this property together is organized, stress-free, no-hassle. You make appointments, you go in and you have everything there in their offices. You put it together and you have the highest level of professional help as far as the decorating. Everything was just addressed completely.

Maintenance / Hassle-free

Ideal location. A vast array of the most desirable amenities. Complete, professional and courteous help.  For Brad and Jane, it has amounted to hassle-free living!

“We like the high ceilings and we like the lower floor with its complete basement,” said Brad. “Condominiums don’t have basements and we just liked everything about it. We sold most of our shovels, rakes and things from the old house. As far as I can tell it will be done so nice we won’t have to worry about anything. I used to worry about cutting the grass, blowing the snow, shoveling, weeding. I don’t have to do that anymore. At our age, it’s fantastic!”

When Jane is asked what features she likes best in her new home, she really has to stop and think about it.

“It’s hard to say ‘the most’ because I like the whole house the most! I absolutely love our windows with the leaded look design. I love the fact that the fireplace is staged right in the middle, I love that it’s open but yet if you’re sitting here (table) you have a little quiet area compared to where the TV is. The bedroom is quiet and the bathroom is lovely. The closet is huge and for our needs the kitchen is the perfect size. Our counter is wonderful. We did not have to go anywhere else except for our appliances. Everything else was right there. It was just perfect.”

And how about when family and friends stop in for a visit? What do they think?

“Everyone loves it. They say, ‘Oh, I can’t believe this place! Oh, are you ever fortunate. Oh, this is just beautiful!’ I can’t imagine having found a better place than this. As far as the exterior look, the quality of the place, the materials, the options and the upgrades that were offered. And again, no landscaping. Yay!! It’s hard to pick one single thing but I would say what I love the most is my kitchen just because everything is right there and all I have to do is spin around!

“Dealing with the folks at Cornerstone Development has been totally pleasant. I’m totally satisfied. We recommend Cornerstone to friends and family, people we know, and recommend that they look at the model here. It’s just been an uplifting, taking the pressure off experience for us because we came home right away. We moved in and we were home!”

When Dick & Cheryl Scharnell were looking for a condominium home last summer, there really wasn’t a whole lot to choose from in the greater Milwaukee area. Then, they discovered The Villas of Maplewood Terrace in Sussex.

“We were looking for a condo and when we were looking six months ago there was nothing available,” Dick recalled. “If something became available it was gone almost immediately and it was pure luck that we found The Villas of Maplewood Terrace. It was previously owned and the family was trying to sell it. We put in an offer and we lucked out. Perfect timing!

“This is actually a little bigger than our house was and we’ve come to really like the area,” added Cheryl. “(We liked) the size and it looked like it was made very well which was something we were looking for.”

Convenience, Convenience, Convenience!

“Ironically, we lived in Milwaukee and we used to come out to Highway 164 and Capitol Drive to shop,” said Dick. “We’d go to Menard’s and Costco. So we moved here and now we’re five minutes away that shopping area. We’re just finding out about the Bugline and we’ve walked on it a few times. We’ve walked to Piggly Wiggly so that’s wonderful and we’re only five minutes away from Pic N Save. Everything so far has been just great out here.

Cheryl admits, she had her doubts at first.

“I was a little leery at first because I thought we were going to be out in never-never land but I’m closer to all the essential things than I was in the city. Grocery stores are just minutes away.  Walmart. Costco. Menard’s. Everything is under 10 minutes.”

“One of the other things we really like is there are still privately owned restaurants and bars around here. In the city, everything is taken over by chains. So you can still find mom and pop bars and restaurants and those are the kind of things we like to go to. And you can walk to them. They’re within a block or so. The Civic Center has a farmer’s market on Sundays and the library is right there, too.”

Cornerstone Development Means Quality

“When we bought this home we really didn’t realize how well it was constructed,” said Dick. “We had a professional painter come in and he was impressed with how well it’s built.”

“One of our favorite places in the home is our little TV room but actually my favorite place is the laundry room because I have a laundry room on the first floor and I don’t have to go up and down the steps with laundry,” smiled Cheryl. “I love it! The kitchen area has a lot of counter space and we have a little island to eat at.”

The Cornerstone Experience

“It’s been very pleasant and John (Wahlen) has been very nice to us,” said Dick. “We had some problems we had with the bank when we first tried to get into this place and John really worked with us and the bank to get everything taken care of so we could move in here. The closing kept getting pushed back but with John helping us out we were finally able to close on it. He put in a lot of effort to help us. We already have told friends of ours about Cornerstone Development. If you’re looking to find a home, give these guys a call. To find a condo that’s existing now is going to be tough so if you can’t spend the six months investment in time, this is the place to come out and take a look!”

When Gloria Hoss lost her husband, she found herself with a daunting task:  going through the process of building a new home alone. She needed to find a smaller, easier to manage place to live. One day, she heard that Cornerstone Development was holding an Open House event at the Greenfield YMCA.

“I knew that I wanted to move and I had been researching builders for over a year,” Gloria explains. “I went to the Cornerstone Open House at the YMCA and from the very beginning I was impressed not only with what I saw but with the caliber of the sales staff.”

That Open House was the beginning of a very fruitful building journey which culminated at The Woodlands of Greenfield.

“Well, I talked with Vicki McCormick,” Hoss recalled. “I know at the time there were so many people milling around the models and asking questions. I remember talking to Vicki and she was genuinely sincere with all of the information she gave me. I also talked with John Wahlen and I was very impressed.

Gloria likes to point out that she truly had been doing her homework to find a new place to call home. Turns out, she only had a very short distance to move.

“I actually lived a mile east of where I am right now and the condo I lived in was a stand-alone and it was over 4,000 square feet. So I decided this was way too much for me to handle and I wanted to downsize. When I saw the model of this particular condo I just fell in love with it and the workmanship is impeccable.”

And there’s plenty to love in the home she moved into on November 6, 2017.

“I like the openness of it and the easy flow of the design and I’m just so happy to have gotten so many compliments on the home,” Hoss says with more than a hint of pride. “It’s just so easy and so cozy. The kitchen, the dining area in the kitchen is absolutely beautiful. It’s got the three windows that are very light and bright. In fact, this home the way it’s situated here has the morning and afternoon sun and it is absolutely beautiful. The house was absolutely beautiful when I walked in here for the very last walk-through and the quality couldn’t be beat.”

Gloria is also quick to point out that her experience in working with Cornerstone Development has been top-notch.

“Talk about hassle-free! I had never realized that a home build would be this easy,” Hoss explained. “It’s easy to see that the entire staff is proud of the quality and workmanship of these homes and very open to suggestions as well. I have discovered that for a company such as Cornerstone I couldn’t have picked a better one. I have found that John Wahlen is not only easy to work with but very easily accessible when I need him and I honestly believe that he is dedicated to making sure that I had the best new home build experience of my life.”

And what would Gloria advise others looking for their new home?

“I would recommend Cornerstone Development and the staff to anyone and I have to everyone that I’ve talked to.”

Rick and Mary Lee Calvelli have both been retired for several years.  They wanted to downsize from their four-bedroom, two-story Cedarburg home but did not want to leave the area.  They found the perfect lifestyle solution at the new home in The Glen at Cedar Creek!

“We just love it!” said Mary Lee. “It’s just wonderful. Everything is new and we picked it all out so it’s our style. The view from our backyard is wonderful, too. We see wild turkeys and deer come up to our covered patio. We have a beautiful view with lots of windows. The first thing I do each morning is open up all of the shades and sit inside or out and enjoy a nice cup of coffee and enjoy the views of the prairie and the quiet.

“Working with Cornerstone Development has been just wonderful. They’ve made everything easy and have met all of our expectations. Building this home was easy and a lot of fun and exciting. I am just so excited the minute I walk in the door. Our family comes in and they are so happy for us and they just love our home.”

“We saw this model and it met every specification that we were looking for,” added Rick Calvelli. “You can see the specs beforehand and you can never be sure how it will be once it’s completed but this home is beyond what we thought it would be. It’s just exactly what we wanted.

“One of the reasons that we picked the Aberdeen model is that it has a front porch. Our old home had a porch with a railing and we really enjoyed that. We were able to have that feature similar to what we had before and we loved that aspect of it. We were extremely happy with the whole open aspect of the home and how all of the features in the house came together such as the kitchen, the island and the living room with the fireplace. Since we are both retired, we very much enjoy the fact that we have a clubhouse with a pool and I specifically enjoy not having to do anything with regard to lawn work or snow removal.

“It’s got a country feel but it’s actually within the City of Cedarburg. We enjoy the view and we enjoy the wildlife. We’ll sit on our back porch and we’ll see deer, wild turkeys and it’s very enjoyable. Plus, you have easy access to the historic downtown area. We are very pleased working with Cornerstone Development. They’re great people to work with from John Wahlen on down to everyone else that’s involved!”

Rich and Bernice Riedeman selected the Caroline home at The Glen at Cedar Creek. They have lived in Cedarburg for more than 30 years and just didn’t want to leave the many friends they have in the area. Their new home here has fulfilled their dreams in every way.

“Living in this new home is like being on vacation,” Rich says. “We’ve stayed in many resorts before and The Glen at Cedar Creek has pretty much the same amenities with a swimming pool. I use the clubhouse a lot including the weight room. I love walking around the neighborhood circle and it’s just a nice neighborhood.

“This is a beautiful piece of property and there is a lot of action going on. It’s wide open and we have some very nice scenery. There’s a lot of building going on and we’re going to meet a lot of new neighbors and that’s an important part of living here for me. I like to socialize and use the clubhouse for Packer games and parties. I go there to shoot pool once in awhile, too.”

“I love every aspect of this house and this is just such a nice little community to move into,” added Bernice. “It is close to anywhere we want to go with the highway one way and downtown Cedarburg is the other. The kitchen is so handy and we love the high ceilings.  We also love the sun room. It’s beautiful and very comfortable.

“Cornerstone was just so easy to work with and the quality of the features in our home is just superb. It’s very homey and open. I love the fact that access to every room is easy. The process of building this home couldn’t have been any smoother. We have built seven homes so we know a lot about building. They have been very helpful in every way possible and there were no problems.”

“Cornerstone Development to me is very professional and what I like about them is that their crews have been with them a long time,” said Rich. “They’re very friendly and honest and I recommend them to everybody I meet. They’re quality workers and they take pride in what they do. If you have a question or a problem, don’t hesitate to ask. They’ll help you.”

Marty & Sue King moved into their new home at The Glen of Greenfield in April 2017.

“It’s all on one level and we like the ease of getting to different places with the central living area, the living room and the sun room,” said Marty. “We love the clubhouse and we also like the neighbors. The Glen of Greenfield offers us a real feeling of community. Looking around the house, we love all of the windows and how nice and bright it is in here.

“We love the flow from the sun room and the living room to the outside patio works so well and it’s the right size for us. We have four kids all grown now and the extra bedroom is enough.  The den, which we have created into an office, is the perfect setting for me to do some part-time work.”

“I’ve loved our new home from the first day we moved in. I agree about the feeling of community and how important it is to the other neighbors, too,” said Sue.  “Marty’s started coordinating get-togethers at the clubhouse once a month for things like Packer games and it’s a good feeling all the way around.”

“We had the first of two neighborhood meetings and everybody showed up, even people that will be moving in later,” said Marty. “We sat around and talked and people then went to other people’s houses to see the kinds of things they have put into their places as opposed to what we may have put in ours. So we’re excited about what the clubhouse is as a meeting place.”

Location, location, location

“We only lived a half-mile from here and we found out that they were building in Greenfield, we felt that was perfect,” said Marty. “Our location is close to everything and that we have access to the river parkway with all of the wildlife and nature that is here. We know were Target and Pick N’ Save are and even for folks who aren’t from around here, the stores and conveniences are easy enough to find.

Working with Cornerstone Development

“From the beginning, when we first met Vicki the sales manager, because everything was all brand new they were trying to give us a picture of what it would look like. We had looked at The Glen of Brookfield two years ago and we liked how it was constructed and its feeling of community. Then, working with John Wahlen, he’s always gotten back to us to answer our questions and concerns. Everything about him was great and we really connected with him. Honesty. Integrity. Whenever anything was questioned, he was right on it.”

“Nadine, our interior designer, was just fantastic to work with!” said Sue. “People compliment us on our decorating choices and she gave us options and we went with whatever she did because she is so talented.”

“Finally, during construction, working with Chris, the construction manager, and John was fantastic because they were very, very helpful each step of the way and told us when to come out to the property to see the progress,” added Marty. “I would recommend Cornerstone Development to others. When we saw their product two years ago and now seeing our new home, if anything it’s better now than it was then.”

Ron & Kathleen Samolinski moved into their new home at The Glen of Greenfield in April of 2017.

“Everything has gone very smoothly,” Ron says. “Chris, our expeditor, has been outstanding and this home has so many features that we really love. I really like high quality of the woodwork and the flooring.

“We lived in a two-story home for 36 years and now everything in this home is on the first floor,” said Kathleen. “There are no stairs and we really like that, especially at our age. The house has an open concept, airy with lots of windows allowing us to see the trees. We both wanted the open concept kitchen, too, but Ron’s the cook. He wanted lots of counter space.”

“The kitchen is excellent with high quality granite countertops,” added Ron. “Everything is very much an upgrade from what I had in our old home so I’m happy.

“The sun room is basically a beautiful place to sit or work because we’re right in the woods surrounded by beautiful trees,” Kathleen beams. “We put our computer in there because it’s a good place to think or relax. Some people use this area as a dining room but we chose to use it as an office.

“We actually visited Cornerstone’s neighborhoods in Mukwonago and Oconomowoc and look at those models before this neighborhood was even being developed,” said Kathleen. “So we knew what Cornerstone’s workmanship was like and we were happy with those layouts.  All of the features they had in those neighborhoods were what we wanted with high quality and at the right price. Plus, John Wahlen has a good reputation. My mother also bought a condo here and told us we had to check it out!”

“Working with Cornerstone was above and beyond what I was expecting. A floor plan is just a picture but at the end the home turned out to be better than I expected. Bottom line? We have no complaints and we would highly recommend Cornerstone Development to others who are looking for a new home,” said Ron. “If you have any problems, they come in and take care of it right away. Anytime we’ve had any concerns, we can call Chris. He’s here early in the morning and late at night and he’s always on top of everything. Honestly, we haven’t had any major problems.”

When people pay a visit to Jane Haefner at her new home in The Glen of Mukwonago they can easily see why she is so happy she decided to work with Cornerstone Development.

“I certainly am delighted with my beautiful new home,” says Jane. “It’s very spacious and there’s a lot of storage as well as our great views and plenty of natural sunlight. I enjoy my kitchen which has beautiful cabinetry and countertops. It looks off the to great room as well as my back porch. I just love the Brazilian cherry floors throughout the kitchen, great room and hallway.  This was an upgrade representative of the many options future condo owners have with Cornerstone.

Gorgeous Nature Views

“People just go wild when they see the views I have off my back porch. You look out and there’s a beautiful pond with lots of trees. There are some Savannah Oaks that were planted a few years ago that we’ve adopted. It’s just so quiet and peaceful and we get a lot of chirping songbirds. It’s private and just enjoyable.

Working with Cornerstone Development – “I’d Do It Again!”

“My building experience with Cornerstone Development was very enjoyable. I come with that background because I work for a builder, a general contractor that does commercial and industrial. My expectations were met or exceeded and I’m proud of the craftsmanship. They give you a lot of choices in countertops, cabinets and flooring so you can really make it your own. Although the homes in this neighborhood look similar on the outside there are no two alike on the inside.

“John Wahlen is very friendly and very helpful and all the way down through his staff. I’ve worked with his superintendent, Chris, and if anything isn’t right you just call him and he will correct it immediately. The sales people were very, very helpful. Mine was Karen Bassi and if she didn’t know the answer she found out the answer and got back to me immediately. (When it comes to Cornerstone Development) I would do it again. That says it all if you’d go back!”

Rick and Jane Steinke actually discovered The Glen of Oconomowoc by way of Sussex.

“We were introduced to Cornerstone Development at their Glen at Seven Stones development in Sussex,” Rick explains. “We were immediately interested in this type of development. I’m still working, not retired yet and I decided to work in Oconomowoc. When we saw they were building The Glen of Oconomowoc it became a natural fit for us.”

“I thought it was so beautiful and I was just so excited to be in a condo,” added Jane. “No more outside yard work! It was so beautiful and we had a lot more free time to enjoy it. I so love the deck and it’s so nice to be out there and watch the sunsets. We used to live in the Holy Hill area in Richfield and I really love the sun room. Every morning I have to sit in there with my coffee with all of the windows the brightness of the layout.”

Rick and Jane are both fun lovers and moving to The Glen of Oconomowoc truly fits the lifestyle they were seeking at this stage in life.

“At Holy Hill, we had a couple of acres and with that came all of the grass cutting and a big, long driveway with snow shoveling,” Rick continued. “I said, ‘You know what? Let’s spend our weekends having fun instead of maintaining our property. This allows us to do that with a lot of freedom that we didn’t have before.

“The clubhouse is really great and we love the pool.  The size of our home is just right and when we guests over there is a second bedroom. We have a daughter so they can come and go whenever they want. Our home is very open and airy. It’s really nice that way because the kitchen leads into the living room which leads into the sun room. It creates a great open concept throughout the entire house.”

Working with Cornerstone Development – “Two Thumbs Up!”

“Dealing with Cornerstone Development has been very easy,” said Jane. “The people are great to work with. The design center is excellent and you can pick everything from cabinet finishes to countertops, flooring, and carpeting.  Everybody knew the next steps that we should take and they were very well organized.”

“I give Cornerstone Development two thumbs up and without a doubt I would recommend them to others,” added Rick. “And you can tell that everybody who lives out here is very happy. They are great people and there is a real feeling of community. The architecture is appealing and it stands the test of time.”

Barb and Phil Heinle were actually way ahead of the game before they decided to buy their new home at The Glen of Oconomowoc.

“We actually knew John Wahlen and when we found this community we didn’t know he was the developer,” Phil explains. “We liked the area and the space and when we found out John was the developer we thought, ‘Woo! This is a good match.’”

Barb and Phil had been thinking about downsizing for quite some time before they zeroed in on The Glen of Oconomowoc.

Importance of “Community”

“We had been in a larger home for the last 20 years and it was time for us to downsize,” said Phil. “We were looking for condos and the different condos we saw in the Ocnomowoc area were more sprawled out. The Glen of Oconomowoc was a nice what we call community. There are 48 families that live here and the houses are all filled. As we get to know neighbors we’re feeling very comfortable in this community.”

The community and its people were a very important reason Barb and Phil decided to buy their new Cornerstone home.  As a matter of fact, the Heinles got a big head start on getting to know their new neighbors.

“We worked with John and purchased our home before it was even started with construction,” said Phil. “One of the nice things about this community was that as soon as we signed on the dotted line we started getting invited to the social events in the clubhouse. So we were meeting people for at least 6 months before we moved in during March (2017).”

Getting to know their neighbors has been an ongoing pleasant process for the Heinles.

“We have an active social committee here and they’re always kind enough to give us at least one activity each month so it gives us a chance to continue to meet some of the other people that are living here,” Barb explained. “The other idea of having a smaller neighborhood where it’s more compact, you tend to see people on a more regular basis instead of being all sprawled out or on multiple floors where you’re only really engaging with a small number of the people that are residing in that particular place.”

New Home a Perfect Fit

As to their new home itself, Barb and Phil couldn’t be more pleased.

“We love the fact that the two bedroom areas are separate,” said Barb. “There’s the kitchen in the middle and that gives distinct differences in those two areas. From a construction standpoint, because my dad was in construction, we had the pleasure of walking through the hole in the wall, if you will, between our home and another home and found out that there are two separate walls with insulation between those walls. It just makes for really good soundproofing effects for us as we’re living there.

“The nice thing was the variety of selections we could make in our condo,” added Phil. “Even though there are four basic homes in this development, we could select all our different woodwork, colors, floors, kitchen counters, cabinets and those different things. It was a nice variety of selection and obviously our relationship with John continues. He did a really good job and we’re very happy with our home.”

And then there’s one of their very favorite amenities: the clubhouse!

“It’s interesting because when I talked about downsizing the thing that we really like about the clubhouse is when we have a family event we can have the event here in the clubhouse,” said Phil. “We can use all of the space, the kitchen space, pool table and exercise room and yet not have to maintain it in a home setting all the time. So it’s nice to have the clubhouse available when we want to use it. We also enjoy using the exercise room as it offers a good option for continuing to do that as we continue to age.”

The Cornerstone Lifestyle Difference

When asked about their experience in the entire building process with Cornerstone Development, the Heinles make their satisfaction very clear.

“I’ve known John Wahlen for a long time and I respect his person, respect what he stands for and respect the fact that he is an honest person,” said Barb. “If he tells me something I know that’s what’s going to happen. I never questioned anything that we were told as we walked through the documents telling us how and when things would be done. Not only John does a very good and professional job but the people he hires at Cornerstone have also been very nice, pleasurable and professional people to work with. They take a personal interest in you and they seem to remember from one time to the next where you are at in your journey of life and ask pertinent questions. They do a good, professional job in helping you in whatever way they can. I would definitely recommend Cornerstone to others with no hesitation at all.”

“We have actually recommended Cornerstone and this development to others,” adds Phil. “But guess what? All of the homes are sold!”

Carol Stephens moved in to her new home at The Glen of Oconomowoc on October 28, 2016 – and she’s never looked back.

“I was living in the Washington, D.C. area for the past 25 years and Wisconsin was home,” Carol explains. “So I decided that’s where I wanted to go back to so it was finding the right spot. I finally chose a town instead of the state of Wisconsin.”

Carol had confidence in her realtor who showed her around Oconomowoc because, as she laughs, “I liked the name!”  Armed with that bit of information, the realtor steered Carol to Cornerstone Development.

“He recommended Cornerstone Development for me to look at and I need to say the minute I walked through the model, I thought I was ‘home!’ What they’re able to do with 1700 square feet – it was so open. I didn’t feel like I was sizing down. The light just drew me into the home I’m living in, too.”

Carol says she especially appreciates the all-on-one-level layout.

“Everything flows and it’s all on one level so there’s a lot of space to be walking in but it’s amazing to me how little effort there is in day-to-day living,” said Stephens. “I love to bake so I can stand in my kitchen and when both of my ponds are full I think I live on a lake, in my mind. I love to read and this room with the light I could sit in here for hours and watch the days go by.”

Beyond the physical characteristics of Carol’s new home, she points out her great experience in working with Cornerstone Development.

“John Wahlen was amazing! To send emails to somebody at the level he’s at in the organization and get the kind of responses I got within two hours of his time just made my life so much easier. I don’t think he sleeps!” laughed Stephens.

What’s more, Cornerstone made sure her property was converted to her exact specifications.

“Cornerstone made amazing changes,” Carol explained. “They went way out of their way to put me on the lot I wanted and to make the upgrades available to me for the home that I wanted to build.”

Add it all up, and there’s no wonder that Stephens recommends Cornerstone Development every chance she gets.

“They’re outstanding! Their quality is outstanding and they stand by what they say. They’re accountable and the thing that really blew me over was that it’s not just the Cornerstone people, it’s the people they contract. Everyone who’s walked into this home has gone above and beyond for me at every step of the way.”

More Testimonials for Cornerstone!

Location, location, location! Exterior design, Amenities, Price, Density. Most town-homes and communities we looked at were near water towers, highways and busy streets or high-power lines.”

  –  Ann Marie Way      Oconomowoc, WI

I found out about the community from friends that live in the subdivision right next door. We also kind of knew about it from the newspaper and used to live in the area. The location most significantly influenced our decision to purchase in the community.”
I found out about the community from friends that live in the subdivision right next door. We also kind of knew about it from the newspaper and used to live in the area. The location most significantly influenced our decision to purchase in the community.”

  –  William Drive      Sussex, WI

We are happy with the home overall. We personally know John. We chose Cornerstone because of our friendship with John.”

 –  Ann Marie Way      Oconomowoc, WI

They did a terrific job and the quality of the workmanship was awesome. A friend found the community for me. I wanted a ranch condo and it was the right size. It fit my needs.”

   –  Black Bear Drive     Mukwonago, WI

Everyone we worked with was friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Well done!”

  –  Ann Marie Way      Oconomowoc, WI

Hi John,

A business usually will get letters of complaints and not letters of ``a job well done``. Today, this note is one that hopefully expresses excitement and gratitude.

John, your team is amazing! My husband and I have been in the same home for 32 years. The idea of building and moving is exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. Going through the process with your staff has been comforting. No question has been considered silly or insignificant. Any hiccups that we have come across so far, have been answered in a timely fashion. It is amazing to get an answer the same day or the next, if more information is needed by more than one person. Even the truck drivers give a friendly wave with a big smile.

My meeting with John this morning, answered questions in a detailed format, using props to assure that the answers were understood by me. He took his time and was genuinely interested in this moment of answering any and all questions that I had.

As we move forward with the building process, I know that we will be given updates and information that will guide us into the moving stages with ease. I can only expect a perfect end to our building experience. A thank you to all of your staff members and to you, for expecting excellence.

  –  Ann Marie Way      Oconomowoc, WI