Elements of Excellence

A.C.E.: Achieve Construction Excellence

What does that mean? How do we Achieve Construction Excellence?


Cornerstone Development emphasizes safety as a top priory. The Safety of our Homeowners, Cornerstone staff, and the safety of our Trade Partners. If our job site is clean, organized, and well managed it provides for a safe and productive working and living environment for everyone whether they are visiting our communities, living in our communities during construction, or a Trade Partner working to build our communities.

Superior Trade Partners

Our Trade Partners values reflect integrity, a commitment to excellence and a strong sense of team. Cornerstone Development believes in working with trades who can commit to Achieving Construction Excellence and recognize this is a key component to the success of our communities. Each trade Partner is committed to setting the next trade scheduled to work in your home up for success. If the Trades working on your home care about what they are building it makes a big difference in the commitment to the quality and the detail of their work.

Amberleigh Kitchen

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Great Floorplans Offering Satisfying Finishes

Cornerstone Development Communities offer brilliantly designed and award winning floorplans for you to choose from. We also offer an extensive selection of popular and current finishes, options and upgrades for the interior of our homes. Our options and upgrades were carefully chosen and aggressively negotiated to offer our home buyers popular items and strong value. The Cornerstone selection process offer you the ability to select interior finishes and options that reflect your preferences, while maintaining a manageable process that allows Cornerstone Development to complete your home on schedule.

Construction Management Team

Cornerstone Development is committed to employing a knowledgeable Construction Management team that cares about what they build, how they build, and who they are building for. Cornerstones Management Team manages the site to provide every efficiency available for our trade partners. When our trades come on to a Cornerstone Community they know they can perform at a high level. Materials are available, the site is clean and they are scheduled the right amount of time to complete their task, a task that they are better than anyone else to complete. Every Construction Manager with Cornerstone Development has over 20 years of construction Management experience and are always on the job site resolving questions and looking for better ways to build a better home and of course Achieve Construction Excellence!