Closing the Books on 2020 and Looking Forward to 2021

Closing the Books on 2020 and Looking Forward to 2021

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As challenging and frustrating as 2020 has been for people all over the world, from a business standpoint this has been an incredible year for all of us at Cornerstone Development. Our team reacted very well to these challenges and we continue to build great homes for some really nice people. We’ve been blessed to be able to continue to do that and we’ve even pressed on with new neighborhoods. For example, we’re soon going to start a new neighborhood in Muskego (The Glen at Muskego Lakes) and the erosion control is going in right now. So we will soon start moving dirt and putting in the infrastructure over the winter and this new neighborhood will be sprouting out of the ground in spring.

I do want to thank everybody out there for all they have done and those who’ve blessed us with their confidence in letting us build their new homes, as well as those we may be building for in the future. We look forward to the day when we will be meeting many more new people.

Beating Some Tough Odds

There’s no denying that our building success is a result of overcoming some difficult odds posed by the virus, but it’s really a tribute to our great team at Cornerstone. We had to respect everything that was happening in our environment, and yet we’re still able to do that from a distance. It has been a little extra effort here and there, but also it’s a result of the faith of our customers shining through it all. It’s been miraculous and we feel very blessed!

I’m pleased to report that The Glen at Woodside Creek in Brookfield is really coming along nicely. We love the entry and we’re working on getting the clubhouse finished, which will happen this spring. We have already sold more than 50 percent of the available homes, even though that clubhouse is not yet open! The interest in this neighborhood continues to be very strong.  as I’m writing this I have another offer in my hands which will bring us to our 43rd sale!

Meanwhile, at Stella Doro Acres in Waukesha, we have these five very nice lots on Big Bend Road, just south of Sunset, where we are building single-family homes. We built two of them as models, put furniture in to dress them up, and both of them sold in a few days! So we are now building three more because it has gone so well. These homes have floor plans that we’ve had success with in the past, so the fact that the first two homes sold so quickly did not really surprise me very much. But we’re just tickled pink that they were in contract so darn fast.

Looking Ahead to 2021

There has not been a week gone by in the last four months where I haven’t received calls from people who have some land that they’d like us to purchase and create a new neighborhood.  We now have a contract in Menomonee Falls, right across Lisbon Road from the Wanaki Golf Course. It’s a great location and we’re going to build another single-family home community just like Cedarburg – The Glen at Wanaki. We also have our hat in the ring to build in the Village of Pewaukee by the old St. Mary’s site, which is a beautiful location right by the beach on Pewaukee Lake near downtown.

As I mentioned we’re getting started on The Glen at Muskego Lakes.  We’re also looking at another location in Muskego to build stand-alone homes!  So there is a lot going on and we think we’re going to start to dig a lot of dirt in 2021!

In closing, as we approach the end of 2020, it’s been a great year from a business perspective.  That said, it’s OK to close the books on this year with strong hopes that even greater things are in store for 2021 for so many people. Again, I want to say thank you, because I feel very blessed for what the Good Lord has given us. We never take that for granted and we won’t start now. We appreciate everybody out there who have supported us and we look forward to seeing you again soon!