Cedar Creek Selling Out; New Homes At Fox Hollow & Stella Doro

Cedar Creek Selling Out; New Homes At Fox Hollow & Stella Doro

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As we move full speed ahead into fall, everyone here at Cornerstone Development is excited about what’s happening in all of our neighborhoods including our latest offerings in Brookfield and Waukesha!

But let’s begin with the hottest info from The Glen at Cedar Creek in Cedarburg. Of the 69 homes that will be finished in this gorgeous neighborhood we only have 8 left for sale! They are selling like crazy and we’ve sold 10 or 12 in the past month and a half. There’s been a real resurgence in people coming back and realizing that it’s now or never.

What’s interesting – and I mean this seriously – there are some great locations still left. There really are, including southern facing homes in Phase 2 and others back by the creek itself in Phase 3. There is still an opportunity, but I do recommend that people come on out to see this neighborhood for yourselves.

In the beginning when we started The Glen at Cedar Creek, choosing a home location right next to the creek were the most coveted home sites, but I think it really comes down to what people really want in their new home. Some prefer to have a home that is south facing because of the sun. Some people prefer a wooded backdrop, while others prefer to see different things without having all of the trees. So it does depend on human nature and your own personal tastes.

We have a number of weekends here where the Packers are not playing on Sunday at noon so if you schedule activities around the games and are looking for something to do, you can take advantage of the great fall weather and check us out.

New Home Offerings in Brookfield and Waukesha!

If you’re interested in building that new home in Brookfield chances are you have already heard about The Glen at Woodside Creek east of the corner of Lilly and Lisbon Roads.  But we now have additional home offerings at Fox Hollow, which are located at the corner of North Avenue and Springdale Road.

At Fox Hollow we are finishing up a very nice condominium neighborhood that was actually started by a different builder years ago, about 2008. Those were tough times for builders and they just never finished it. Five homes were built and we are building the remaining five. Those first five homes that were built look very good, and the city was quite thrilled when we came in to build what will be very similar looking homes to finish it up.

It’s a beautiful setting and it’s incredibly convenient to the I-94 freeway, movie theaters, a Sam’s Club and The Corners shopping area.  A beautiful Sendik’s store and all kinds of retail outlets from clothing to dining are just down the road, as well. Our price points at Fox Hollow are in the low $400,000’s, so this is just another nice opportunity for people to live a pretty natural setting but just a stone’s throw away from meeting their shopping and transportation needs.

Meanwhile, in Waukesha on Big Bend Road just south of Sunset Drive we have new homes at Stella Doro Acres. This is a different kind of opportunity for Cornerstone Development because we’re starting to venture into building single family homes. These are stand-alone homes where you buy the lot and we’ll build the home for you on the land you own. We have two homes going up right now that will act as our models and display.

They are in a really nice setting. Talk about convenience and walkability! These are in southern Waukesha and we love it. The pricing range starts in the high $300,000s for a stand-alone, single-family home. It’s another very nice new home opportunity and it’s well worth your time to check it out.

Franklin Update

I’ll close here with a final word about The Glen at Park Circle near south 76th Street and Ryan Road in Franklin. We have only two homes left, and I do recommend that people who are interested in that neck of the woods come out to see our models and compare them to the homes nearby being built by Halen Homes. If you are interested please hurry if you’d like to live in Franklin.  It‘s a great opportunity with pricing in the high $300,000’s, finished and complete.

As always, you can schedule a tour in any of our models Thursdays-Mondays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please also visit our website, CornerstoneDevelopment.com and feel free to use the CHAT function with your early questions.

Thank you and stay safe everybody!