Exciting Updates in Muskego, Cedarburg and Brookfield!

Exciting Updates in Muskego, Cedarburg and Brookfield!

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As I look out my window today it’s so nice to see the blue sky and sunshine, knowing that the warmer weather is right around the corner and we’re making a lot of progress in building. Yes, we have gone through some challenging times in dealing with COVID-19, but within challenging times there are always going to be some opportunities. I think you always want to look for the “green grass”..

Right now is a phenomenal time to come on out at look at the new homes we are building. Why? Number one, you will get a personal tour. Number two, it will be safe with all respects to what’s happening in the world. Number three, less people are out looking right now so you have great choices, plenty of availability, and you have a great opportunity to plan when you want to move and, of course, where!

We’re excited to announce that our neighborhood in Muskego, The Glen at Pellmann Farm, is now completely sold out. What’s more, we are planning on building another new neighborhood in Muskego and a new Waukesha area neighborhood soon, as well.

However, the next exciting new neighborhood coming up will be a Grand Opening at The Glen at Woodside Creek in Brookfield! That is a phenomenal location just east of the intersection of Lisbon Road and Lilly Road. As we await the official Grand Opening we are able to give tours right now. The model is not open yet but it will be opening in mid-June. Later in the summer or early fall we will have our brand new Clubhouse open.

So I encourage all of you to consider setting up a tour, as right now many people are looking for things to do. Why not come out and see what’s available in new ranch-style condominium homes and a whole new lifestyle?

As I mentioned, your safety in checking out these homes is our top priority at Cornerstone Development. Our people will be wearing masks and we encourage those that visit us to do the same. We also spray down the homes and, in particular, the front door area.  After you pass through the front door you really don’t have to touch anything. You can walk through our homes and our sales consultants will point out the home features and answer any questions you might have. Again, you’ll be touring without touching anything, but still seeing and learning about everything we have to offer.

Summer is right around the corner and that’s when we believe the big crowds will start to come for tours.  We will be spacing out the tours, of course. But people who choose to come out now will have the cutting edge in front of those touring groups and will have, in my opinion, a more personalized tour.

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Of course, we remain very excited about what we have going on in Cedarburg at The Glen at Cedar Creek. Phases two and three are now open as the building continues and some people have already moved in. We actually do have some lots left right on the creek. Unbelievable locations!

This neighborhood is really shaping up beautifully and recently we had a distanced outdoor concert featuring Sam Guyton and Friends.  The event was very well received. People had a great time sitting on their back patios or their lawn chairs safely spaced apart, enjoying the sunshine, fresh air, food, drink and excellent music.  The folks enjoyed this concert so much I don’t see why we shouldn’t put on another one this summer! It was such a good way for our neighbors to get together to enjoy some quality time and to escape quarantine for a while. The weather will soon be better so why not do it again?

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The bocce court is finished and we’re going to have a get together this summer so people can learn how to play bocce. The swimming pool will be opening up for safe, distanced swimming. We’ll also have a fire pit and pergola area as well.

We’re also working on the landscaping and that always dresses up a neighborhood more than ever.  So it’s all coming soon to The Glen at Cedar Creek. We do have 18 homes left to purchase – check them out!.

We are also planning to build another new neighborhood in Muskego, which will be called The Glen at Muskego Lakes. It’s right next to the entrance of the Muskego Lakes Golf Club so it’s a fabulous location. It’s on the south side of Muskego and there are walking paths with a beautiful golf course just a stone’s throw away, with easy access to plenty of conveniences.

One more thing that I’m excited about right now — we’re launching a series of TV commercials with Channel 58 in Milwaukee, along with a new digital campaign that puts an emphasis on what we do best: at Cornerstone, we’re Building Exceptional Lifestyles – Every Day! I’m excited because I’ve seen through the years people enjoy what we do. We change lives. That is so much fun to watch. Now we have campaigns that tout it. Forget about snow blowing, mowing the lawn and taking care of the plant beds. Come on and enjoy life!  Right now in this day and age it’s a solid message to resonate. We’re putting it on TV and through our web ads so we can really show and tell people how they can change their lifestyle.

If this is something you’d like to learn more about, please give us a call and visit our website (cornerstonedevelopment.com) where you can also CHAT with us and set up your own personal tour.  Come on out and see what we’re talking about!

Thank you, stay healthy and stay safe!