The Secret to Finding Your New Dream Home – Plan Ahead!

The Secret to Finding Your New Dream Home – Plan Ahead!

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The Secret to Finding Your New Dream Home – Plan Ahead!

There’s no denying that Wisconsin is in the dead of winter but people who are planning for their new homes aren’t doing so for winter. They are eagerly awaiting spring, summer. Moving into that new home in June, July, August or early fall. As a builder, I certainly applaud those who have that planning sense.

At Cornerstone Development, we are certainly excited about how The Glen at Cedar Creek has come along and that there are still several great new home opportunities right on the creek and back in the woods! There are new opportunities in Phase Two of the neighborhood that are just gorgeous home sites that remain. Incredible!

We’re excited to be finishing things up. There are only 20 home sites available of the original 69.  Really, all people have to do is look at our website and they can see that some of the best lots are left because we saved them.

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We’ve also finished the Bocce court and we have to get that landscaped this spring but we’re planning on having a gathering spot, a place where you can learn how to play Bocce and a swimming pool that will be opening up in May.  There homes are right around the corner where will be having some amazing things going on.

I can’t encourage people enough to just come out and check out The Glen at Cedar Creek. These are single family homes where you get services for the things you’d like to stop doing like cutting grass or shoveling snow. Let us take care of that while you enjoy your home and your new neighbors.

A Concept Ahead of Its Time

When we first offered the concept of a neighborhood where people own their lot and their new single-family home but still get condominium-style services it was truly a unique concept in the Milwaukee marketplace. As of right now, Cornerstone Development is the only Milwaukee area builder offering this unique home buying opportunity! I’m really pleased about that because even though we broadcasted pretty loudly that this was what we were going to do, so far we are till the only ones doing it.

It’s a premier living opportunity because Cedarburg just oozes with charm and convenience.  There’s just so much out there and I love watching the home owners take advantage of all of it. Recently, one of them purposely drove into Cedarburg, parked and ran a couple of errands and then walked home, had lunch and then walked back to his car. It’s only about a mile but he gave himself a little workout in the process. That’s how convenient it is, and it’s a joy to see people take advantage of it.

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Think Spring! Plan Ahead!

So please check us out online and check out the available virtual tours to see what we have. And then come on out because we have models you can walk through and see for yourself. We can also get you into homes that are currently under construction. The advance planning is a smart thing to do. You have nothing to lose by coming out and comparing Cornerstone Development to other builders. I welcome that because I know how well we favorably compare.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon!