Holiday Greetings with Big Doings in Muskego and Cedarburg!

Holiday Greetings with Big Doings in Muskego and Cedarburg!

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As they say, we are really “crushing it” in Muskego with our new condominium home community, The Glen at Pellmann Farm! It is all just so exciting. We recently had a reservation taken for one of our remaining homes and that means there are only THREE homes left in this gorgeous neighborhood! Thirty-one of the original 34 are now spoken for and it’s been delightful to watch people personalizing their homes.

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We’ve already had five closings and many more are slated. So the message for the folks out there who are reading this is that if you are interested in Muskego, please come and visit soon because the last three home will be gone before you know it. Stop on in to the model home and see what this neighborhood is all about. The model is open Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and on Saturdays – Sundays, noon – 5 p.m.

So far the feedback we’ve been getting on the model has been filled with strong reviews. Literally, just two weeks ago, the woman who sold us the land (who is a very nice lady!) called me up on a Wednesday night right around dinner time and said, “John, my only reason for calling is to tell you that I’ve been getting calls from folks in Muskego who drive by The Glen at Pellmann Farm. They are thanking me for selling to you because they love the look of the product that’s going in here. They think it’s such a nice addition to Muskego!”

That was her only reason for calling me which shows what a gem she is and I just feel so good about what our Cornerstone Development team has put together and how this is all going to turn out.  And get this – In my opinion, it doesn’t look anywhere near what it will look like once the swimming pool is in, the Clubhouse is done and all of the landscaping is finished! If people like it now, in three years they will be completely blown away! Another factor to consider is the weather. It’s the dead of winter! This is not the prettiest time of the year in Wisconsin. Imagine how great the neighborhood will look in the warmth and sunshine of spring and summer!

So come on out to see which homes are remaining because there are some good locations left including one right by the Clubhouse. It will be so convenient with access to the pool and the event and party opportunities that will become available. Stop in and check it out!


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Meanwhile, in Cedarburg, we are now building Phase Three of homes at The Glen at Cedar Creek. This phase features homes adjacent to beautiful Cedar Creek and it’s an area that is truly special. To be able to buy a home site where you can walk into the City of Cedarburg, walk back to your home and you can sit on your deck with the creek in your back yard is just wonderful. You can have your glass of wine while sitting on your deck because you have a walkout home. Your patio is also there and you are protected within a tree-enshrouded area with a creek. That’s what we are selling and you’ll be hard-pressed to beat this kind of home location. As of this writing, we still have three homes left on the creek.  Trust me. They won’t last very long!

Way back in the beginning when we purchased the land for The Glen at Cedar Creek, city officials were telling us that this was truly the last area of this size and type in the Cedarburg area. We are very proud of this neighborhood geographically and with its aesthetics but we need to point out that it is just a great group of people who have decided to move here. We had a closing very recently and the buyers had already met many of their new neighbors at some parties and they’re so excited to be here. It truly is shaping up to be an outstanding neighborhood!

In closing, as we reflect on this Holiday Season, we hope you will have a chance to enjoy your family and friends in a safe manner where you can look back and smile on 2019 and look forward to an even greater year in 2020.

Happy Holidays to all of you and we send you our very best from all of us at Cornerstone Development!