Ron Wolf Blog Series – Step #7 to Building a Winning Organization

Ron Wolf Blog Series – Step #7 to Building a Winning Organization

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Ron Wolf Blog Series – Step #7 to Building a Winning Organization

(Editor’s Note: Cornerstone Development had the honor of hosting a private dinner event with former Green Bay Packers General Manager Ron Wolf.  Besides being treated to a host of great inside football stories (and maybe a tall tale or two!), Mr. Wolf was kind enough to share some excellent business insights which he detailed in his book, The Packer Way: Nine Stepping Stones to Building a Winning Organization.

The following is the seventh in a series of blogs examining these stepping stones and how they relate to building success and improving our product within Cornerstone Development.)

STEP #7: Keeping It Going

One thing I’ve learned from my business experience is that you have to stay on the edge. In the case of Cornerstone Development, we have to continue the disciplines and the processes and the care and concerns of each and every one of our buyers and each and every one of our staff members. You have to stay committed.

Even with everything you’ve set up, it’s not going to be sustainable unless you maintain that commitment.  You will falter unless you really understand and stay focused on what you do right – what got you there, and why you do special things for special people.  If you slack on that commitment you won’t have long term sustained success.

And so, we reiterate that every single day.  What makes us a great firm? What makes us a great builder? Why do we do what we do?  These are the questions we must ask ourselves and then deliver the right answers.

Ron Wolf stressed the importance of stacking success and continuing to build on doing things the right way. I think that’s certainly true of our business. Unfortunately, sometimes a certain complacency sets in which can take an organization and force it to lose its focus.  The consistent winners refuse to let that happen.

Let’s take the case of the San Francisco 49ers, who were so good for such a long time. Something happened along the way which caused them to falter for several years and not be among the contending teams in the NFL. Now they are working their way back and they’re doing it by returning to the focus and commitment that got them there originally.

As in football, the building industry is a highly competitive business. Once you achieve a certain level of success your competitors keenly take notice. And, just like in football, the competitors begin to circle you on their schedule, so-to-speak, and to look for ways to chip away at the successful edge that you’ve been building.  We see new competition is springing up all the time.  That’s O.K., because I think what we do is very difficult.

For example, we have a new form of competition in a new company that’s going to be a production builder. That’s not how we do things because I don’t think you can have the long term sustainability and do things right by having that kind of attitude. We take each customer very personally and we take each customer very, very seriously to do what is right for them.

If our commitment to this wanes we will stop having pride in what we do. It will slide away from us and everyone will see that happen. So, once again, it’s vital that we keep things going and keep doing things the right way in order to continue our success at Cornerstone Development.

We wouldn’t have it any other way!

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