Excitement High as Muskego Grand Opening Looms!

Excitement High as Muskego Grand Opening Looms!

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The emotions are running high around here at Cornerstone Development these days! Jubilation is probably the best way to describe how everyone within our company is feeling as we approach the Grand Opening of our condominium neighborhood in Muskego, The Glen at Pellmann Farm. We will be opening our new model the weekend of October 11, 12 and 13 and people can finally see how beautiful these homes are going to be and get a sense for what it will be like to live there.

So we’re just ecstatic. It’s time, and we’re very, very thrilled that that we have already sold 23 of the 34 homes in that neighborhood. We believe we may sell all of these homes before the end of the year!

Meanwhile, our new clubhouse at The Glen at Pellmann Farm is progressing, too. We should have a roof on it very soon, so we are excited about that. It will probably open early in 2020, possibly in January. But we will have a model to work out of until then and we expect the pool to be open for the summer season next year, as well. We’ve signed a contract for it and we hope to begin digging that early next spring.

As people consider buying a home at our Muskego location we’d really like them to consider just how gorgeous a natural area it truly is. You will be close enough to all of the amenities you could possibly want, while living such a beautiful area. We’re right in the neighborhood with beautiful lakes, and I would describe Muskego as one of the prettiest suburban communities because of the natural settings. There is natural undulation topographically, with water features throughout the municipality, and it’s all very well-managed. I think it’s a real gem on the south side of town.

When you compare The Glen at Pellmann Farm to some of Cornerstone’s earlier developments what may distinguish this neighborhood a bit is its incredibly charming site. There are just 34 homes with a clubhouse, so it’s going to be intimate.  And it’s such a great residential neighborhood. The walkability is about as good as we’ve ever had. There’s a walking path right across the street that will take you all around Muskego. That’s a great distinguishing feature perhaps more than anything else.

I’d like to encourage people to come on out to see this beautiful new neighborhood.  Every time we build a new style of home, even if it’s somewhat similar to what we’ve done in the past, there are always little tweaks we make to improve the home. So I encourage you to come on out and see what I’m talking about the weekend of October 11th-13th!  We are open that Friday from 10-5 and Saturday and Sunday 12-5.   (By the way…. The Packers do NOT play that Sunday!!)

While we revel in all of the excitement surrounding what’s happening in Muskego, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our equal enthusiasm for another of our new neighborhoods in Brookfield, The Glen at Woodside Creek.

We are finally digging ground for our first homes there. As you may already know, it has been a long process. We have the binder course of the street in and we are finally now digging the first homes… which is something I dig!

To finally get launched and know that we’re going to have people moving in there early next year is both a real thrill and a relief, almost to the complete jubilation that we have for what’s happening in Muskego. We will get there with Brookfield, too.  But just to see the equipment on site and us roaring is going to be such a thrill for people!  And I think it will generate that much more interest in the neighborhood.

Once again, The Glen at Woodside Creek is a great location with access to everything you could possibly want or need, including freeways, stores, and schools, plus this neighborhood is nestled within a beautiful natural setting. We’re surrounded by trees!

The feedback we are already getting with this particular neighborhood is one of curiosity and delight. ‘What’s going on here? What are you guys doing? It’s intriguing. You found THAT many acres in Brookfield? Oh my gosh!’ Those are the types of responses we’ve been getting to what we have going on here. Truly, this is the last hidden gem in Brookfield. It really is.

So we are digging the first homes now and The Glen at Woodside Creek should be booming by next spring. But you are certainly welcome to drive by and take a look at it while it’s in its earliest stages. Close your eyes and picture your new home in these gorgeous surroundings! Start making your plans for next year. We already have 16 of these homes already sold.

Again, come on out and check us out in Muskego and Brookfield.  If you have any questions, please visit our website (cornerstonedevelopment.com) and CHAT with us or call us at (262) 932-4188.

Thank you!