Early Model Tours Now Available at The Glen at Park Circle in Franklin!

Early Model Tours Now Available at The Glen at Park Circle in Franklin!

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We’re very happy to say that we’re making some great progress on our first model in our neighborhood in Franklin, The Glen at Park Circle. It’s still under construction but it’s past what we call “white model” stage. We feel like it’s a great way to get a good feel for the floor plan and how nice this home’s going to be and we are now open on weekends for people to stop by and check it out.

What we really like about this neighborhood is that it is just a nice, quiet location, just southwest of the corner of South 76th Street and Ryan Road. It feels like you’re out in the country but you’re actually quite close to a lot of services along Highway 100, and you’re also close to Highway 94. It’s such an easy ride down there so you are in an area that feels “country” but in essence, ultimately, it’s not. You’re close to many conveniences.

Franklin has been an area that is truly growing and you see an awful lot of great activity, with The Rock Sports Complex going up and all of the added benefits it brings, and more. People are really jazzed about the sports activities there, including baseball, the snow park and other food and entertainment opportunities. So, we think we’ve got a community that’s really out in front of it, and as people have been starting to tour and reserve their spots at The Glen at Park Circle, the excitement has really been building.

I’d really encourage folks to get in before we announce the Grand Opening, which we are projecting for the latter part of July.  Come down, check out the model being built and take a look at all of the different floor plans. Tour the complete site so you get a better sense for how the neighborhood is going to look, and then you can meet with members of our team. We personalize every home, so it’s fun to start to envision what can and will be done to make your home really special.

I have to admit – Mother Nature hasn’t done us many favors so far in 2019. When you consider that we had so much rain (20 of 30 days of rain in April) – and at one point in May, Mark Baden of Channel 12 showed a graphic where we had 35 of 47 days with rain – there are certain things that you just can’t accomplish in that kind of weather. So that set us back a bit but we have been doing the best we can. You really can’t make up for the lost time and, at the same time, you never want to rush it and not do the job correctly. We put out fair schedules that our teams can follow and do a great job. We don’t believe in trying to push them to get them to speed up, because it generally causes issues, and we’re just not fond of doing things that way.

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Once again, I just want to encourage people to come and check out The Glen at Park Circle in Franklin. It’s easy to find, just southwest of the intersection of South 76th Street and Ryan Road.  The condominium homes in this neighborhood start at $359,999 and are a great value for your money. We have very open and airy floor plans, and when people walk into these and they are impressed, which is what we hope and like to see. We haven’t built these particular floor plans before, but the early read is very encouraging. People are really going to like them!

For more information, give us a call at (262) 333–1243.  You can also use the CHAT feature on our website.  Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon!