Ron Wolf Blog Series – Step #4 to Building a Winning Organization

Ron Wolf Blog Series – Step #4 to Building a Winning Organization

Ron Wolf Blog Series – Step #4 to Building a Winning Organization

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(Note: Cornerstone Development had the honor of hosting a private dinner event with former Green Bay Packers General Manager Ron Wolf.  Besides being treated to a host of great inside football stories (and maybe a tall tale or two!), Mr. Wolf was kind enough to share some excellent business insights which he detailed in his book, The Packer Way: Nine Stepping Stones to Building a Winning Organization.

The following is the fourth in a series of blogs examining these stepping stones and how they relate to building success and improving our product within Cornerstone Development.)


Playing to our strengths means pointing out the quality of what we do with who we have and what we deliver here at Cornerstone Development. I was reading a book recently about the ‘Continuous Flywheel’ where you re-examine the processes of what you do and what you deliver and you take those different steps along the way to do it. Then, you try to improve on each step so that in the end the flywheel just gets that much better, your company’s that much better and what you deliver to folks is that much better.

That is where we’re looking at how well we do things or how we can better. So, when I consider Mr. Wolf’s step called ‘Play to Your Strengths,’ I’m looking for the potentials to deliver a nicer home in some way, shape or form and knowing that we’ve got the people in place who can do it.

Cornerstone’s Major Strengths

I consider our strengths to be our people first and foremost and I believe we are second to none in that regard. The folks that we hire and are on our team really, really care. Many of them have been together for over ten years and the idea that we’re going to create incredible homes in incredible locations requires dedication, care, concern, big hearts and big brains. We have those so, unquestionably, our number one strength is our people.

Next, I would say the experience that we’ve had along the way helps us tremendously. A lot of people come and go in trying to build condominiums and some try to do them very cheaply. That’s a short-term endeavor. We much prefer to go to market with high quality, specifically reaching a market that is discerning how well the home is built and what a great location it’s in. That’s all we ask – that they check our competition out and then come to us and see the difference.

The Next Challenge – Topping Yourself

We are meeting the challenge of constant improvement by listening to our customers. Sometimes, customers will make suggestions and we’ll step back and say, ‘Well, yes. That makes sense!’ Why not try making this change to the patio or what if we had an island in the kitchen? What about granite or quartz? “OK, yes. We’ll add that as an included feature.’ Those are the things that help make us better more than anything else because the customers are the ones who have lived in our homes and help us to think about what can be done better. They’re the ones that would know best.

Looking Ahead

As I look to the future, I think we’re going to get even better at how we deliver the homes on time and with the exterior elements and everything kind of wrapped up in a bundle. I think we’ll do that better than ever, and that requires elements along the way to be in sync.

We’ve refined our schedules and we’ve refined our communication processes and they just keep getting better. That’s a big goal for us this coming year. We do a great job now but we’re going to be better!

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