Great News! Muskego’s ‘The Glen at Pellmann Farm’ Now Going Vertical!

Great News! Muskego’s ‘The Glen at Pellmann Farm’ Now Going Vertical!

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The warm spring weather has certainly taken its sweet time getting here, but that is not dampening our excitement for what’s happening at The Glen at Pellmann Farm in Muskego! To be more precise, the neighborhood is now going vertical – – meaning that lumber is finally dropping onto the site and this neighborhood is really going to start to take shape.

We have already sold 18 homes — and that’s phenomenal! What’s more, things will only get stronger in Muskego as people start to see lumber and homes actually being built. It’s taken a while for that to happen, frankly, and we just can’t wait because this means that our model will also be open, hopefully within the next four months. This will give us another wave of opportunity to show people how great these new homes are going to be.

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In this particular neighborhood, we decided to build the model first, instead of the Clubhouse, as we’ve done in the past, because another of our new neighborhoods, The Glen at Woodside Creek in Brookfield, also needs a model. So this new model will have cross-use for both neighborhoods. People will be able to come and see what we are building in Brookfield when they visit The Glen at Pellmann Farm in Muskego. The new Clubhouse will be built right behind the model (shortly thereafter) but the model will be built first, hopefully by September.

If somebody is interested in The Glen at Pellmann Farm, now is certainly the time to check things out. I wouldn’t have them wait too long because there is still a very nice selection of locations left. As we really start to build and the awareness grows the sales will pick up.  If you are interested, let’s sit down and talk about it. We can do a virtual tour and you can get comfortable with what we are going to build and then watch it unfold.

As I mentioned at the start of this blog, Mother Nature has thrown us some real curve balls with nasty, wet, and cold weather, which has hampered the building process. You really can’t get ahead of that curve because we don’t want to rush anything and not be able to deliver the high quality we want.  It boggles the mind when you realize that in April it rained 20 out of 30 days! It’s unrealistic to think that you can make that up.

Now, if we were to get through the whole month of May without any rain it would really help and maybe we could make up for some lost time here or there. But I don’t think it’s realistic that that will happen. So, we just adjust our schedules and do all we can to make sure we still have the quality we must.

When you examine the locations that are left at The Glen at Pellmann Farm there is not a bad one in the whole place! There truly isn’t because this is a residential neighborhood all around us so there’s a real comfort in almost any direction. You can face the pond and there’s a walking path right on Woods Road. So there really are great locations left, as sometimes people prefer this exposure or that exposure. Every one that’s left to be sold has a lookout lower level. That’s exciting because you’re getting the big windows in the basement. Buyers can choose between being near the Clubhouse or to be away from it, because both are still available.

When the time comes we will be announcing the model for tours and then we’ll do the big Grand Opening when the Clubhouse is completed. So we’re targeting opening the model in September and then the big Grand Opening in October.

One more bit of news before I wrap this up.  At The Glen at Woodside Creek in Brookfield hopefully in May we’ll start building there as well. That is very exciting and the same effect will start to happen as is happening in Muskego. People will realize that there a nice neighborhood going up and will want to check it out.

Please feel free to call us at any time for more information at (262) 333-1243 or contact us through our website and CHAT feature.  Thank you and we look forward to speaking with you soon!