Ron Wolf Blog Series: Step #3 To Building A Winning Organization

Ron Wolf Blog Series: Step #3 To Building A Winning Organization


When I see “develop an obsession with winning today,” I see the word “drive” – having the drive to make things happen now. Not tomorrow, not in the future but now. Creating neighborhoods for us is tantamount now.

We are so excited because we’ve got Brookfield (The Glen at Woodside Creek) going and we’re pushing hard to get homes up and running in Muskego (The Glen at Pellmann Farm).   In Franklin (The Glen at Park Circle) they are going and we’re going to have a Grand Opening soon. We want to deliver homes as fast as we can while still building them with the quality we enjoy, now.

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Getting Your Team On Board with Your Obsession for Winning

First of all, you have to look for people that have that inner drive and are willing to work and get it. But I think you also have to share with them, show them how we make a difference. Rather than just putting up the lumber, bricks and mortar and creating what some call a “unit,” we like to take a look at it and go, ‘OK, here’s Lucy who lost her husband and she’s going to live here. This home is incredibly important to her and we’re making a difference in her life and in those around her.’

That’s how you can create urgency. When you see the end result of what you’re doing to see the people you can impact, that is really our meal ticket. That’s what I think helps give additional drive to each and every one of our people.

Keeping It Going

This is what makes it really interesting because we are building a neighborhood. For example, let’s look at Muskego.  Eighteen of the 34 homes there are already sold. There will only be 34 homes. We build them, create the neighborhood and finish it off before moving on to the next one.

You’re always refreshing and always reloading to look and see. We’re going to be working primarily with people in Muskego. In Brookfield, we are going to change lives in Brookfield. Pewaukee is going to be coming soon, Hartland is going to be coming soon and we are going to get a whole, fresh new look at what we can do for people in these areas.

On the Horizon

We want to get to the point where maybe we’re changing the lives of 125 new homeowners and their families every year. We think that’s at a nice level and we think we can add five to six new neighborhoods and have them open and going at all times. We also think that’s manageable but we can still bring the quality, still bring the excitement and the drive and keep the obsession to do it right and have five or six going at all times.  That’s where we want to take it.

When I read Ron Wolf’s book I kind of chuckled inside because I totally believe that he hit this point right on the head because if you don’t have drive and don’t have that will to succeed every day you won’t achieve your goals.

I used to joke that every day your feet hit the floor because there’s another antelope out there for you!  If you have that mentality that you have got to get after it today and make that difference you can be successful no matter the endeavor. It doesn’t matter what the profession but if you take that on with the pride, the drive and the inner sense of goodness to affect those around you in a positive way you will be a winner.

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