Spring Is Here and Our Muskego Neighborhood is Ready to Blossom!

Spring Is Here and Our Muskego Neighborhood is Ready to Blossom!

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Let me begin by saying this, something that rings true to my heart brings hope to the air, and that is I heard birds chirping this morning!!

The last two and a half months have been very tough for us. We’ve wanted to run so fast with our building process and we just can’t.  We have in sales, though. The neighborhood in Muskego, The Glen at Pellmann Farm, is just going gangbusters! Eighteen of the 34 homes we are building are already in contract and we have people looking at others.

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I would tell folks to take a good, hard look at Muskego because this neighborhood is going to be so tremendous. With only 34 homes it will be an excellent, tight-knit neighborhood with a pool and a clubhouse. It will offer a real chance to get to know your neighbors in a residential area that’s very convenient to all kinds of things.

The clubhouse has not yet started to go vertical and yet we have 18 of 34 homes sold! So what does that tell you? That is the supreme validator when people say, ‘I get it. I see your vision and it’s going to work. Here’s my deposit.’ That’s the ultimate validator!

The Role of the Clubhouse

Clubhouses are like the heart of the community. It’s a place for neighbors to gather and it’s also a chance for folks to utilize it when they want to have their own private parties and they want to upsize.

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When you add a pool to the equation now you’re inviting all of those kids and grandchildren to come and enjoy it and you’ve got that outdoor living space. So it extends the gathering area. I really like clubhouses.  While they are expensive to build, they pay off because people enjoy using them and thus they then enjoy our neighborhoods.

It’s all about lifestyle and that’s what we profess at Cornerstone Development. We’re going to change lifestyles and rock the world around us in a positive way. Putting in a clubhouse helps us do that. It helps show that your time can be better spent not handling the maintenance on the outside of your home, but rather enjoying it with family, friends and your loved ones around you.

So, once again, I would just tell folks to take a good hard look at the homes that we have available because we’re going to go fast now. Once this weather we’ve been having truly breaks and we start digging we’re going to go quickly, and there are nice opportunities for folks to get into their new home in a short period of time. We could have people in these homes before the end of the year. They won’t have to have another winter to deal with the hassles of snow and ice at their home like they did this past season.

There is no place to actually tour yet but check us out online at —www.cornerstonedevelopment.com — or give us a call at (262) 333-1243.  We can certainly get together and show you what these new Muskego homes are going to be like and help you choose your spot.

Thank you!