At Cornerstone Development It’s Just Like Christmas Morning!

At Cornerstone Development It’s Just Like Christmas Morning!

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You remember what it was like when you were a child during the days and months leading up to Christmas?  All the angst and practically bursting with excitement as you counted down the days to that magical day?

Well, that’s how it’s been for us at Cornerstone Development for the past several months, waiting with so much anticipation. But now, I love it when people ask me, “What’s happening at Cornerstone Development these days?”

My answer?


We’ve launched The Glen at Pellmann Farm in Muskego and that’s the great news for us. We’re selling like crazy and more than 13 homes have already been sold of the 34 that we will build in this condominium home neighborhood.

There’s still availability so we encourage people to start driving through because the road is in. The Glen at Pellmann Farm is located on Woods Road near Kurtze Lane and the area is just beautiful.


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You can also come to The Glen of Greenfield to see what the new homes in Muskego will look like and you can pick your spot out because we can have your new home ready in 2019 in a very special place.  We will have a model at The Glen of Greenfield for two more months until the end of February. The home styles are just like what we will build in Muskego.  The homes will be a little more spread out in Muskego than they are in Greenfield but the home styles will be exactly the same.

The launching of our Muskego neighborhood was quite a long time in coming but 2019 is going to be an outstanding year for all of us at Cornerstone Development. But that’s the nature of the building process. By the time you actually start building the first home you’re halfway through the entire process. It takes that much effort to get all the way to that point and then we can be fairly expeditious in finishing the homes.

Cornerstone also has exciting things happening in our other neighborhoods including The Glen at Cedar Creek in Cedarburg and The Glen at Park Circle in Franklin. And we can’t stress it enough: this is a great time to start planning your new home because not a lot of people are actually out shopping. If you like personalized service this is the best time to do it. The weather has been really great for this time of year in Wisconsin so I encourage folks to come out and pre-plan. Plus, if the crowd starts to come out in mid-January why not be in front of them and get the best selection of where you want your home?

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And so, ‘Tis the Season!  I’d like to say to everybody out there, have a Blessed and Safe Christmas and a very Happy New Year! We look forward to working with everybody out there to build you a beautiful new home and neighborhood in the next year or two!