Franklin, Here We Come!

Franklin, Here We Come!

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We are all fired up about our newest Cornerstone Development community, The Glen at Park Circle in Franklin!  It has been some time in coming and we love the fact that we now have a presence on the south side of the greater Milwaukee area that we haven’t had before. We’re excited to bring something to the City of Franklin that they currently don’t have and we think we’ve got a golden opportunity for many people who are looking for a great new neighborhood. If you drive by the location, just south of 76th and Ryan Road, you will see our dirt moving crews already hard at work!

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In the end, The Glen at Park Circle will have 54 homes, all in duplex arrangements. It’s exciting that some of these new homes will have lookouts and walk-outs and some will have standard lower levels. But these will be done beautifully with James Hardie Plank siding and stone.  Each will offer our new homeowners a chance to personalize their new homes.

The condominium homes will start in the mid-$300,000’s. It’s going to be a charming neighborhood because, as you pull in, you will travel in a circuitous route and each side of the winding road will be flanked by homes. We’re going to create a park-like setting and a gathering site on the south side of the neighborhood, which should really make for a cohesive and social setting for neighbors. The gathering area will be like an outdoor park where you will have a pavilion with a fire pit, a serving bar and some nice sitting areas. In addition, there are two baseball diamonds adjacent to the new gathering area on the north and west sides of the neighborhood. So these will offer super locations for kids to play and for people to get together in beautiful outside surroundings.

When we came up with the idea to bring all of this to the City of Franklin, the city officials were quite excited because Franklin just has so much going on. We all know that the Rock and baseball are big in that area, and there just seems to be a real jump in what’s happening in Franklin.

What’s also really nice about Franklin is its accessibility to the City of Milwaukee. There are plenty of conveniences locally in Franklin and yet you can get into Milwaukee with just a short drive. The City of Franklin really embraced this type of neighborhood and the lifestyle approach that we will bring because they felt like they really need it.

With The Glen at Park Circle, we’re reaching to the people that want the kind of lifestyle that we offer — which is low maintenance and ranch-style homes. Typically we’ll draw the people that are in Franklin already so that they can stay close to the things that they love, such as churches, family, friends, doctors, retail and things that they enjoy. That’s who we think will be attracted to this beautiful, new neighborhood.

For those that would like to get a “preview” of what these new homes will look like and the features that they will offer, I would encourage you to stop out and visit the model at The Woodlands of Greenfield (117th and Beloit Road, just west of Highway 100). These homes are quite similar to those we are building in Franklin. We tried to take the “greatest hits” from the Woodlands homes along with features from some of the other homes we’ve built and mold those into some new floor plans that we really like. They’re open and airy with the amenities that people expect these days, such as big closets, big bedrooms, open-style kitchens with islands, and walk-in pantries. These are things that people are looking for and we’ve got them.

Today’s condominium home buyers all expect quality but they also expect a lower maintenance approach. So we put Hardie Plank on the outside and 30-year dimensional shingles up top, along with trim boards that are not done in wood but rather in materials that will last a long time. The siding on these homes is guaranteed to not have to be painted for 15 years. Those are the types of things we like to deliver.

On the inside, the approach is the same. We install 95 percent efficient furnaces, air conditioners that have SEER energy efficiency ratings, and windows that are energy efficient. Again, buyers expect these features and we like to deliver on these expectations.

Bottom line? Our philosophy is that we don’t just put up condominium homes – we really try to facilitate a neighborhood and make people feel comfortable. For those people living in this area who truly want low-maintenance living and want to feel part of a great neighborhood, we’re coming!

You can find out more about The Glen at Park Circle or any of our other Cornerstone Development neighborhoods by using our website CHAT feature at or by giving us a call at (262) 333-1243.

Thank you and we look forward to meeting you soon!