Holy Waiting Lists, Batman! Cornerstone Neighborhoods Soon in Muskego, Brookfield and Franklin

Holy Waiting Lists, Batman! Cornerstone Neighborhoods Soon in Muskego, Brookfield and Franklin

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You know, it’s so exciting when we announce that we’re going to be opening up a new Cornerstone Development neighborhood and begin to go through the approvals. We leave a meeting and there will be lots of people in the lobby that want to sign up and hear more!

Muskego has just taken off and with Brookfield there are just all kinds of people waiting for us to launch. These neighborhoods will be launching in just a few months. We love it when we see people who are so excited about our ideas.

So let’s do a brief thumbnail sketch of the locations for each of these neighborhoods:

The Glen at Pellmann Farm in Muskego is on the south side of Woods Road near Kurtz Lane. It’s between Moorland Road and Highway Y (Racine Avenue).

Our neighborhood in Franklin, The Glen at Park Circle, is located just south of 76th Street at Ryan Road.

And The Glen at Woodside Creek in Brookfield is on the south side of Lisbon Road a few hundred feet east of Lilly Road.

People have been contacting us for quite awhile regarding The Glen at Pellmann Farm in Muskego. This neighborhood will feature 34 homes and we strongly encourage anybody who is interested to step forward because we are also looking into additional Muskego sites. Right now, there is a waiting list of more than 250 people for these 34 homes, but just because someone’s name is on a list doesn’t necessarily mean they will actually buy a home.  To be fair to everybody, we will be taking things in the chronological order in which people have showed interest in these homes.

Meanwhile, in Brookfield we will have what appears to be our last meeting for final approval on March 12th and we hope to start moving dirt for The Glen at Woodside Creek this spring.

In Franklin, we just need to have go in to get architectural approvals, lay it out for final grading and we’ll be good to go. In both Brookfield and Franklin we hope to begin moving dirt late this spring.

As we look at these three developments and the huge early interest we’ve been having for all of them, we should step back a bit and look at what all of this says about the popularity of ranch-style condominiums as a whole. The word “hot” really comes to mind! And why wouldn’t it be? Interest rates are low and people are selling their homes quickly. America is aging and people want low-to-no maintenance, hassle-free living, and there aren’t that many offered in this area. So I think it speaks not only to the marketplace but to the demographics and what we have to offer at such a good value. It kind of all converges like a “perfect storm” here in the Midwest.

The howling winds of winter will continue to bite us for the next couple of months and that’s why many people think it would be better to wait until March to start looking for their new home. But the reality is, right now is a better time.  The biggest reason is this–you’re out in front of the crowd. If you want to buy tickets to see Bonnie Raitt and James Taylor, do you want to wait until everybody steps up to order theirs and then see what you get? Or would you rather be first in line?

In March every year we sell the most homes. That’s when everybody back dates their calendars to project a summer move, and their planning is such that March becomes a big time frame to look at new homes. But don’t get caught up in the thundering herd!

I encourage you to keep reading our blogs and I will continue to have updates on the status of each specific neighborhood so everyone will know when we may be releasing homes for purchase. You can find us on our Facebook page as well as our website, cornerstonedevelopment.com.

More questions?  Please give us a call anytime at (262) 932-4188.

Thank you!