Cornerstone Resurrecting Two Great Condominium Neighborhoods!

Cornerstone Resurrecting Two Great Condominium Neighborhoods!

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To put it mildly, the whole Cornerstone Development team is thoroughly jazzed about bringing a pair of great condominium neighborhoods back to life, one in Sussex (The Villas at Maplewood Terrace) and another in Greenfield (The Woodlands of Greenfield). That excitement is coming in large measure by watching how the general public is embracing these two home buying opportunities.

The Villas at Maplewood Terrace are right in the heart of downtown Sussex. You can walk to the Piggly Wiggly grocery store or to a restaurant to get dinner. You can also take a beautiful walk on the Bug Line Recreational Trail, which is just outside your back door. The homes are priced at a great value and most are stand-alone condominiums. That’s why before our first model even opened we’ve already sold five!

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As people drive into Sussex, they also can’t miss another positive development — the road construction that made travel in and out of the Village challenging has been completed.  It’s now so easy to get around and see all that this beautiful area has to offer. I like to call it a ‘green banana.’ There’s so much more to come and people are really recognizing it.

We have restaurateurs looking into this area and we know of expansion plans for companies here, too. For example, from what I understand, Weissgerber’s is going to build a beer garden next to the Piggly Wiggly for summer outdoor entertainment and gathering. It will be so charming to have that right downtown across the street from the Civic Center. We already have a Farmer’s Market that’s doing well. We have outdoor movies and ice skating at the Civic Center. Indoors there is Pickle Ball and luncheons, so this charming little village is about to really experience a blast of more charm and growth that I think they will manage extremely well.

Our first model will be open for public viewing as of Friday November 10th.  The viewing hours will be Monday – Friday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and on Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 5 p.m.

Meanwhile, at The Woodlands of Greenfield, the public has quickly realized that this is truly a special location. You pull into the neighborhood and take this scenic, winding road down to a beautiful backdrop of trees and feel like you are out in nature. Yet, there, too, you’re just steps away from all of the conveniences of shopping and amenities.  Want to go for a walk?  The Root River Parkway is a few steps away from your front door. We are going to add 24 more new homes in this neighborhood and 15 of these have already been sold — with the Grand Opening still two weeks away!  Our model will open in The Woodlands on November 17th.

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So these are very exciting times for all of us at Cornerstone Development, no doubt about it. Not only is our team excited about what’s happening in Sussex and Greenfield but the civic leaders are equally thrilled to see a pair of neighborhoods that, to be honest, were languishing a bit. In one case, the original developer passed away and in the other case the developer ran into various difficulties and couldn’t finish the project.

The leadership in Sussex and Greenfield are relieved, as they have come to know and trust what we do. We have built in both of these communities before so they know we’re going to deliver a high quality product and that we treat people well. In the end, these municipal leaders realize that they will have an outstanding neighborhood within their larger community. So their anticipation is also high and that’s why they are giving RSVP’s to come out and see the new models for themselves, to cut the red ribbon and to say, ‘Thanks for taking these over.’

One more area that I would like to address here because of the many inquiries we are getting over the phone and at our website ( is what will be happening next year in Muskego. Right now, we are still working on finite details that are required for the engineering of our location off Woods Road. It’s taking quite some time, admittedly, and at times it gets a little bit frustrating, but we know we have a winner there! We believe we will be able to wrap up these details within the next month or so. Once we get that finalized, we can start to launch The Glen at Pellman Farm and start putting in the infrastructure during the winter, as well as start to garner addresses so we can sell homes to people.

My hope and feeling right now is that this winter we will really start to see some action at that location. If you would like to see what the homes will look like at The Glen at Pellman Farm in Muskego you should come and check out the homes in The Glen of Greenfield. They will be similar to these homes with some additional tweaks and touches, including a bigger clubhouse and, of course, a swimming pool. Some come on out to The Glen of Greenfield and you will truly get a sense for what these new Muskego homes will be like.

It’s hard to believe but the Holiday Season is right around the corner with Old Man Winter lurking not too far behind. Understandably, people get very busy at this time of year, but what happens over the next several months is very interesting. There are definitely fewer people coming out to view and tour our new homes, but the people that do come have a BIG advantage. They get incredibly personalized service.  In March, April, May and June there are just throngs of people coming through, but at this time of year there is far less viewing pressure and we can offer even greater, personalized customer attention and service. Most people that come are just pre-planning, anyway. They’re thinking about maybe building in the summer or next fall. Well, that’s the kind of lead time we need for new construction so it’s perfect, really.

So, I encourage people to come out. Enjoy the Holidays, certainly, but we’re going to be open most every day. We’ll have members of our staff in the clubhouse or in the models ready to give you a tour.

From all of us at Cornerstone Development, we wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving and if you have further questions, please visit or give us a call at (262) 932-4188.

Thank you!