Wahlen’s World: November Model Grand Openings Coming in Greenfield and Sussex!

Wahlen’s World: November Model Grand Openings Coming in Greenfield and Sussex!

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November will truly be an exciting month for all of us here at Cornerstone Development!

The Woodlands Grand Opens in November!

We’re excited because our model at The Woodlands of Greenfield is going to open November 10-12. There are lots of people that have wanted to come in, walk the model and get a feel for the quality of what we build. This is a home we haven’t built before, yet it just lays out beautifully on a beautiful location, so we can’t wait to show it off!

This is our Aranview model and it has a terrific layout. It will be a lookout home so it’ll have exposure in the lower level. It’s 1,473 square feet and it’s a beautiful split ranch. From the great room, you will be able to walk out to a deck or a patio, depending on your location, but in the case of our model you will be able to walk out onto a deck. There’s a beautiful bay window dining area and the whole thing just lays out wonderfully.  The four home styles here will range in size from about 1,400 to almost 1,900 square feet – perfect for downsizers.

The pricing at the Woodlands is something that people have really gravitated towards as well. You’re able to get some great homes for pricing in the low $300,000s — that’s hard to find in Milwaukee these days.

The Aranview will update the look of several of the homes that were built before we purchased the property.  It updates some of the popular stone that’s out there right now. We’re putting Hardie Plank fiber cement siding on the exteriors, which we really believe in, so the new model will feature slight tweaks. It will still tie in beautifully with the existing homes that are there but will be slightly updated.

Naturally, the new model will also serve as our office base of operations at the Woodlands. What people will want to do is come to the model and we’ll have a sales office there. We’ll be able to meet with folks, take them on a tour of the model and the rest of the neighborhood to help them find out where their best location might be.

I have to say, people are stunned when they come to the Woodlands to realize that it is ultra-convenient.  There’s a walking path that goes right by the neighborhood that will take you for miles, and yet you feel like you are out in nature because you’ve got this long, winding road down into a tree lined corridor. So prospective buyers have really been taken aback by how beautiful it is back there and how tucked away it is.

The Villas at Maplewood Terrace Opens the next week

The following weekend, November 17-19, The Villas at Maplewood Terrace in Sussex will also have a special Grand Opening for our new model. The beauty of this location is that there are seven different styles that we can build. So there are all kinds of very interesting homes to be built in a very convenient locale. The model being opened will give people a good feel for what it’s like. This model will back up to the Bugline Trail, as many of our homes do, and it will really be sharply tied to the existing homes that are simply charming.

At Maplewood, the floorplans range 1,400 up to over 1,900 square feet. Again, there is a big variety of homes to choose from and pricing is from the high $200,000s to the low $300,000s with many, many desirable features. People should realize that what’s very different about this particular living opportunity is that most of these homes are stand-alone. There are only two duplexes and the rest are all stand-alone homes where people can have their own four walls separate from the neighbor next door.

You know, as I step back at take a look at the “thousand foot view” of 2017 from our perspective at Cornerstone Development, and I consider all of our neighborhood developments, I am very pleased to say that we are 34% percent ahead of sales vs. where we were at this time in 2016. We feel blessed that we’ve been able to find the locations that work with homes that people really want. It’s a marketplace where people are able to sell their homes pretty quickly and can thus move into ours.

With fall at our doorstep, the time to check out your new Cornerstone home possibility really is now. Even if someone were to find a home they wish to purchase now we really couldn’t probably deliver that home until May, June, July or August. People out scouting for a new home right now will see the deliverable from us is likely six to eight months down the line, so it puts it into a time when it is very favorable to move.

We are thrilled to invite you to two upcoming model Grand Openings at The Woodlands of Greenfield and at The Villas at Maplewood Terrace!  For more information, please give us a call at (414) 323-4551 for the Woodlands and (262) 932-4188 for Maplewood Terrace.  You can also visit our website, cornerstonedevelopment.com. We’ll be happy to help you in any way we can.

Thank you!