Spotlight: The Woodlands of Greenfield and The Villas at Maplewood Terrace

Spotlight: The Woodlands of Greenfield and The Villas at Maplewood Terrace

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Summer is now in full swing and the prime home buying season is really heating up! I’d like to focus for a few moments on two neighborhoods, The Woodlands of Greenfield and The Villas at Maplewood Terrace in Sussex.

It’s exciting to watch the people who have been living in both of these neighborhoods, because both of these neighborhoods had started years ago and then stopped for a variety of reasons. What’s exciting is watching these folks light up when they start to see new lumber, new construction, and so much new activity with people wanting to join them in the neighborhood. Both of these neighborhoods are tight-knit and have really nice people. They have an established condominium association but are wanting for more. We at Cornerstone Development are definitely coming with more!

At The Woodlands of Greenfield, we have Woodlands Aranview 300x145already sold eight of the 24 new homes to be built. Keep in mind, this is with no model or anything for buyers to see except the floorplans. At Maplewood, we have two of the fifteen homes already sold and lumber is just going up for our model in that neighborhood. It’s special to see those already living in these two neighborhoods getting excited to welcome new friends and new neighbors soon.

At the Woodlands, when I say it’s at 117th and Beloit Road, you have to picture a winding, tree-lined escape, yet all of the conveniences you would want are so nearby. There are incredible locations with walk-outs going right up to the woods. Walking trails right outside your door. People drive through and then they realize, “Oh, wait a minute! We’ve really got something here.”

Meanwhile, in Sussex at Maplewood Terrace, people are excited about the fact that they will have their own four walls in these stand-alone condominiums. You can easily walk to Tony Marroni’s Restaurant, walk to Piggly Wiggly and walk to the brand new Civic Center all less than a block from the neighborhood. Plus, you have the bug line walking/biking trail right behind the neighborhood.

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One of the key things people look for in our neighborhoods is a beautiful setting and whether there is good “walkability.”  In both of these developments, the answer is a huge YES!

Relative to real estate, there are two key factors in someone’s decision to purchase: ‘What is the location?’ and ‘What’s the price?’ Right behind these, of course, is quality, and people that know us in this market understand that we will deliver high quality.

Both of these neighborhoods are super locations for their own reasons. As to the price, these are of great value. To find a brand new, ranch-style stand-alone condominium in the Milwaukee suburban market for under $300,000 is really not found anywhere except here at The Villas at Maplewood Terrace. In The Woodlands of Greenfield, we have walk-out homes with decks and patios for the low $300,000s. Again, you just can’t find that kind of value anywhere else.

Since Cornerstone has another neighborhood, The Glen of Greenfield, practically a stone’s throw from The Woodlands of Greenfield, some might think we are, in one sense, almost competing with ourselves. But the Woodlands has actually hitchhiked off what we’ve done at The Glen of Greenfield quite nicely.  We’ve already sold 23 of the 26 homes at The Glen of Greenfield, so if someone wants a specific style of home it might not be available there. However, just two blocks away The Woodlands of Greenfield offers all kinds of new and exciting opportunities in an equally beautiful location. So it’s worked well to have kind of a “brother and sister” arrangement with these neighborhoods.

So make sure you check both of these great neighborhoods out.  We think you will like what you see.

One last thing.  We’ve been getting quite a few inquiries about our upcoming neighborhood in Muskego, The Glen at Pellmann Farm, which is scheduled to open sometime in late 2017. This is a new neighborhood that is going to be outstanding, but we are just taking our time to get the engineering right. That’s basically what it comes down to, first things first. We had to divide out the three lots that are on the north side of Woods Road. Then we had to formulate and make specific plans for the condominiums that will be on the south side of Woods Road.

The engineering takes a little while and there have been some changes in the City of Muskego’s engineering as well. But the good news is we are getting close to finalizing this and then we’re going to roll. It’s going to be beautiful, but we do require more dirt to be brought in, so it won’t happen quite as fast as it has in some of our other neighborhoods.

To sum everything up, we are now in the “heat” of summer.  If you are in the market for a new home, I’d seriously encourage you to come out and see what we have in any or all of our neighborhoods. We can give you all kinds of information that will make you feel very comfortable with the homes we are building.  If you wait for all of the models to open you’re likely to be too late for the location you want.

So please give us a call at (262) 932-4188 and let us show you around.  You can also visit us at  Have a question?  Engage the CHAT option and we’ll help you in every way we can.

Thank you and enjoy your summer!