Wahlen’s World: The Springtime Thaw Is On!

Wahlen’s World: The Springtime Thaw Is On!

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Nothing like to sultry tones of Lou Rawls to usher in the changing of the seasons. Spring will be here again, soon! The snow has been disappearing with our warmer temperatures but the snow is not all that’s disappearing.  The homes at several of our Cornerstone Development neighborhoods are disappearing fast, too.

I don’t think we’ve ever had a winter the sales traffic and the interest in our homes has been stronger. It’s been electric! On a Sunday just a couple of weeks ago, we had over 100 people visiting our clubhouse at The Glen of Greenfield. It may sound like “sales urgency” but the fact of the matter is we are down to a handful of available homes in MukwonagoOconomowoc and Greenfield. That’s it and then it’s done!

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Bird’s Eye View at The Glen of Greenfield

We can’t enlarge those neighborhoods so I just want people to know that that we really are serious. Please don’t think that you should wait until March or April to check these neighborhoods out because it will likely be too late to buy one.

So Why Such Quick Sales?

These homes are selling way ahead of schedule. Of course, the banks and the investors are pleased. I think the big reason is that people are selling their homes more quickly now, too. So when people make a decision to sell and they get their home ready it can really go. We’ve had people sell their home in a matter of hours! They put the home on the market on Friday and had three offers by Friday night!!!

The The Glen of Greenfield  took off particularly fast because it is just a stunning location and because of our floor plans.  What we did was to take the “greatest hits” of the plans that we’ve seen before and modified them into a new plan and this has really resonated with buyers.

Another of our terrific neighborhood offerings is The Glen at Cedar Creek  just a few minutes away from historic downtown Cedarburg. These are single family homes where you can purchase the lot and the home and still get the advantages of a condominium neighborhood with lawn maintenance and snow removal.  You can relax and enjoy your new lifestyle and leave those hassles to us!

There are 69 homes in Cedarburg and we have already sold five with another five reserved and we’re not even open yet. When people stop and realize, “Wait a minute. I get my own brand new home –  stand alone – and my own home site but get to utilize the fabulous new clubhouse.’ They get pretty excited. “Plus, the exterior around my home, the landscaping and snow removal are taken care of.” That resonates with people and they see the value. These homes will sell quickly, too!

When we were initially discussing the Cedarburg location and the parcel of land we were contemplating, the City Planner looked at me and said, ‘You realize this is the finest piece of land left in our city!’ I said, ‘Yes, we are pretty excited about it!’

Cedarburg Grand Opening Soon

We’re planning to have the opening of our clubhouse at The Glen at Cedar Creek  in late April. We’ll have tours of that gorgeous new facility. The models won’t be completely ready but people will be able to walk in and see them in drywall stage. We don’t want to wait until those homes are completely ready 5-6 weeks later. We want folks to get a sense and come out as soon as possible to see what this new neighborhood will be like.

Today’s home buyers are constantly evolving, looking for new features in areas like wireless technology. They want homes that are open, airy, new and built their way. The Smiths may want that hardwood floor while the Jones’ may want ceramic tile and gorgeous woodwork. We can build a home the way you want it and we’re happy to do so. You know, I recently saw a very funny commercial where a couple walks up to an old hardware counter and said, ‘We’d like to buy two used toilets. We’d also like some used doors and used trim work. Oh, and do you have any beat up flooring?’ The premise was why buy a used home? Why have toenails in the carpet? Let’s get a fresh, clean home and make it yours!

So, with that in mind, please come on out and check out our beautiful new homes in Mukwonago, Oconomowoc, Greenfield and very soon in Cedarburg.  We’d love to meet you and answer any questions you might have.  For more information, please visit us at www.cornerstonedevelopment.com. Click on the “Contact” tab, choose the neighborhood that interests you, fill out the form or give us a call.

Thank you!