Wahlen’s World: HAPPY NEW YEAR! 1.6.17

Wahlen’s World: HAPPY NEW YEAR! 1.6.17

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The familiar strains of “Auld Lang Syne” once again signal the passing of the old year to the new. As this timeless melody suggests, there is a clear sense of happiness, sadness and even nervous anticipation, all rolled into one.

There have been times past where I may have had actual trepidation going into a New Year as in 2008 and ’09. But I have a great deal of confidence as we head into 2017.  I’m really thrilled that at The Glen of Greenfield (for which we had our ribbon cutting in December) we’ve already sold 16 of the 26 homes in the neighborhood. The model’s not even open yet!

In our new neighborhood up in Cedarburg, The Glen at Cedar Creek, the clubhouse and three of the first homes are all underway with two more to start soon. So I feel quite bullish and excited about what’s in store at Cornerstone Development for the New Year. We have new opportunities coming forth and our sales and construction teams are really jazzed for 2017.

Each new year brings along a new set of challenges to offer exciting new condominium neighborhoods and our big emphasis lies in listening to our customers and in watching our customers. We need to be on the front lines to find out what they are looking for and what they are interested in. What new needs arise as times change?

Some neighborhoods may have a pool and some may not. There are some who think that having Wi-Fi would be fantastic in the clubhouse and so we now offer that feature. These may sound like little things but they can add up to make each new neighborhood special. That’s what we’re after, keeping them fresh and keeping them special.

So what’s the challenge for 2017?  What are some of the new needs we hear from our customers? The first things we’ve been asked about are technology-based. For example, how to set up wireless systems, not just Wi-Fi___33 but wireless speakers, wireless security systems. These are in higher demand for how people want to finish their homes.  So this makes it fun for us. People are considering their computers, TVs and sound systems as appliances. When you go wireless with these there is a lot more flexibility and so it’s fun to chat with people and see how people they want to utilize this technology.

Meeting these exciting new demands for technological improvement, of course, presents new challenges for our designers and builders. The challenges differ from the day and age when contact points to windows on a security system to windows, for example, had to be taken into consideration because you’ve got a low-voltage wireless through the walls. Now, you don’t have to worry about that. Now we’re going wirelessly so you have to consider is where is the central station or the control point going to be? That actually makes it easier. Now folks can say, ‘I’m thinking of wireless here, wireless there. Can I talk to your audio design people to see where I should put things in a certain room?’

You have great flexibility and some of the speakers can now travel with you.  How about sound out on the patio? Take it with me!  Suddenly you have a wireless stereo system even working from your phone. It gets a little more challenging at times when some people want incredible intricacies. We put that forth to our experts to get it done.

Other technological improvements include controlling your thermostats from afar. You’re in Florida and on your way back to Wisconsin. So you turn up your thermostats from your phone so that your home is warm when you get there.

What I’d tell anybody who’s looking for a new condominium home is that location, location, location is something that has never changed. Walkability is still huge for all of our buyers. Accessibility to conveniences is still big. I guarantee that nine out of ten people who come to our neighborhoods ask, ‘Where can I go for a walk? How close is nearest grocery store? Churches, family doctors, schools. Where is everyone relative to where this new home will be?’ That’s still the number one factor.

Looking at our New Year’s calendar thus far, we will be having a public Grand Opening for The Glen of Greenfield in February.  Shortly after that in March, our new clubhouse will open at The Glen at Cedar Creek in Cedarburg and then our models in Cedarburg will be opening up in the May-June timeframe. So these are all big events in the first half of 2017 for us.

We love it because the window of time that buyers are particularly interested in looking for homes is generally February through April and May. So we’re hitting it right in the wheelhouse of where folks will be coming on out.

We’re hoping everyone has a truly fantastic 2017 and we welcome everyone reading this to come on out, kick the tires and meet our people. We’re open every day, Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday, 12 – 5 p.m.  It’s always fun to have people come out and just see for themselves. There are some naysayers who aren’t sure about condominiums but come on out and see if we truly can make it like your home, brand new but with a different lifestyle!

You can also call us at (262) 932-4188 or visit our website, cornerstonedevelopment.com.

Thank you!