Condo Living – Is It Right For You? 9.15.16

Condo Living – Is It Right For You? 9.15.16

It’s a very special time of year in Wisconsin – September! It signals a season of change with the arrival of the beautiful fall colors, the crisp, cool air especially in the morning. The kids are back in school and football season is back at full throttle.

Musically, this time of year takes me back to a great mood setting tune – “See You in September.”

While many of us may embrace the changing of the season and even saying good-bye to the warmth of summer, sometimes change can bring on more than a touch of anxiety. Take moving into a new home as an example.  We often find people looking for a new home this time of year may be hesitant to move from their traditional home into a home in a condominium neighborhood.

Will I Lose Control?

Oftentimes, that anxiety centers on a perception that living in a condominium home will mean losing some control in the process. We help these folks understand that they have to understand that, yes, they don’t have 100 percent say on the outside of their home. However, they have to weigh that with allowance that everybody around them has to follow the rules and regulations as well and that the value of their property will be maintained. What’s more, their place will be maintained on the outside.

For many potential buyers, losing some control causes them to pause, at least at first. A condominium owner, for example, just can’t go out and plant a garden in the front of their house.  You can’t go out and put a pink flamingo in the front yard. You can, however, put up Christmas lights. You just have to have them down by a certain date.

However, buyers need to take a good, hard look at the positives of living in a condominium neighborhood. You’re not going to have somebody living next door doing crazy things. For example, I have a neighbor right up the street who leaves his Christmas lights up past April 15th, Tax Day. It’s ridiculous to have a neighbor who has holiday decorations still on their home way, way past the season. Not only is it an embarrassment, it de-values the properties around him.

Understanding Rules Relives Anxiety

When people actually take the time to read the Condominium Association rules their objections start to fall off because they realize what they are reading is actually good common sense protection of value for everybody in the neighborhood.

If someone is thinking of putting a satellite dish on the top of their building, it’s not going to happen. However, the positive trade-off is that there always an opportunity to change things. If everybody wants a certain thing like satellite dishes and they all agree that these are fine, the rules can be adjusted. Generally what we see and what people like and understand is that the rules and regulations already in place make a lot of sense. For instance, dog waste cleanup has to be contemporaneous. That’s just a common courtesy we are asking for – and fully expecting. People need to properly take care of their pets when outside.

Condominium home owners who violate the rules will get a letter from the association advising them of the violation and requesting them to rectify the problem. If the problem persists, the home owner gets a second or even a third letter before they will be charged back to have the situation rectified for them.

What we most want new potential home buyers to know is that we would love to have them come in, sit down with us and take a look at the rules and regulations involved with condominium living. We’ll explain and answer all of your questions and we’ll chat through whatever objections you may have.

Generally, these questions relate to misconceptions. One common misconception concerns monthly dues and the belief that the dues just get jacked up and you have no control over them. This is absolutely not true because everybody that lives in the neighborhood has the same parallel objective which is to keep the properties looking sharp but not to overspend. Who wants to overspend on their home? So you generally end up with a very fair monthly amount, one that is even less expensive than if you were to go out and hire people individually to take care of your home. As a group, we can get a better deal for lawn care on a per lawn basis than you could get for yourself.

The bottom line?  The Condominium Association’s rules are in place to protect the value of your new home.  Come see for yourself!  Stop in at any one of our neighborhoods and let’s have that chat. We look forward to meeting you!

In Other News……

The model home building at The Glen of Greenfield is up and we hope to get the roof on that very shortly. Meanwhile, we will start building the new clubhouse at The Glen at Cedar Creek in Cedarburg any day. Stay tuned because more updates on The Glen of Greenfield and The Glen at Cedar Creek are on their way!